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bolt - Bolt Compiler (Firebase Security and Modeling)

  •    TypeScript

Bolt is an experimental security and rules compiler for Firebase Realtime Database (not for Firebase Cloud Storage). It is currently in beta. The language definition is converging, but not yet finalized. We welcome experimentation, but ask that you hand-verify the resulting JSON output before using with production applications. Otherwise, we'd love to have feedback from early adopters. You can email questions to firebase-talk@googlegroups.com using "Bolt" in the subject line, or post bugs on our Issue Tracker.

blaze - :fire: Meteor Blaze is a powerful library for creating live-updating user interfaces

  •    Javascript

Blaze is a powerful library for creating user interfaces by writing reactive HTML templates. Compared to using a combination of traditional templates and jQuery, Blaze eliminates the need for all the "update logic" in your app that listens for data changes and manipulates the DOM. Instead, familiar template directives like {{#if}} and {{#each}} integrate with Tracker's "transparent reactivity" and Minimongo's database cursors so that the DOM updates automatically.A template compiler that compiles template files into JavaScript code that runs against the Blaze runtime library. Moreover, Blaze provides a compiler toolchain (think LLVM) that can be used to support arbitrary template syntaxes. The flagship template syntax is Spacebars, a variant of Handlebars, but a community alternative based on Jade is already in use by many apps.

meteor-blaze-components - Reusable components for Blaze

  •    CoffeeScript

Blaze Components for Meteor are a system for easily developing complex UI elements that need to be reused around your Meteor app. You can use them in ES2015, vanilla JavaScript, and CoffeeScript. See live tutorial for an introduction.

MAD Documentation Power Tools


Super-small utilities to make it easier everyday for you to work, train and learn with your Madcap Flare/Blaze/Lingo/Capture projects. Finish your best online help, knowledge base or documentation projects faster. Its developed in C#.

meteor-web-rendering-framework-benchmark - Benchmark for web rendering frameworks available in Meteor

  •    Javascript

This benchmark tries to compare various reactive rendering frameworks available in Meteor. It focuses on rendering large chunks of content and measuring how long it takes for them to appear in DOM. The rationale is that the user cares the most about delays in such rendering because it is often the result of their actions, like clicking on a link and waiting for a new page to render. On the other hand, updates to existing content coming from changes to data have many other delays already (like changes being detected and propagated to the client) and user also in most cases does not know when the change really occurred, to be able to perceive a delay. Of course, performance of such updates is important as well and benchmark will include them in the future (#4). Results of running it on Google Chrome v59.

Fat-Clouds - GPU Fluid Simulation with Volumetric Rendering

  •    Cuda

A bare-bones but polished fluid simulator and volumetric renderer written in CUDA C/C++ in ~600 LOC. TODO: More consolidation of simulation and state parameters. Temperature-based shading. Support for data types smaller than 4 byte floats.

stats - A C++ header-only library of statistical distribution functions.

  •    C++

StatsLib is a templated C++ library of statistical distribution functions, featuring unique compile-time computing capabilities and seamless integration with several popular linear algebra libraries. The following options should be declared before including the StatsLib header files.

blaze-magic-events - A new way of binding event handlers to html elements for Meteor's Blaze.

  •    Javascript

A new way of binding event handlers to html elements for Meteor's Blaze. Enjoy! Feedback welcome. Example app given.

meteor-video-chat - Simple id based video calling in meteor

  •    Javascript

Click here for the React example source code. Click here for the Blaze example source code.

MeteorCandy-meteor-admin-dashboard-devtool - The Fast, Secure and Scalable Admin Panel / Dashboard for Meteor

  •    Javascript

Meteor Candy comes pre-configured with features such as account impersonation, activity logging, and more. However, the real magic is when you configure it work with your application and collections. For more information, and a live demo, please visit the product website. Feel free to browse the ./meteor-candy-config folder to see configuration options and their associated documentation. Here is an example of how easy it is to configure a table. Meteor Candy will automatically set up pagination, search, sorting, and more. Meteor Candy will not release any additional data beyond what you specify in the fields array.