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halite - High-level cryptography interface powered by libsodium

  •    PHP

Halite is a high-level cryptography interface that relies on libsodium for all of its underlying cryptography operations. Halite was created by Paragon Initiative Enterprises as a result of our continued efforts to improve the ecosystem and make cryptography in PHP safer and easier to implement.

chronicle - Public append-only ledger microservice built with Slim Framework

  •    PHP

Chronicle is a self-hostable microservice, built with Slim Framework, which enables authorized users to commit arbitrary data to an immutable, append-only public ledger. Chronicle is superior to "blockchain" solutions for most real-world technical problems that don't involve proofs-of-work or Byzantine fault tolerance.

orion - Usable, easy and safe pure-Rust crypto

  •    Rust

Orion is a cryptography library written in pure Rust. It aims to provide easy and usable crypto while trying to minimize the use of unsafe code. You can read more about Orion in the wiki. This library has not undergone any third-party security audit. Usage is at own risk.

Kryptor - A simple, modern, and secure encryption tool

  •    CSharp

Kryptor is a simple, modern, and secure encryption tool. It is a portable, cross-platform command line tool that makes use of modern and secure cryptographic algorithms. It aims to be a mixture of age and Minisign in terms of functionality to provide a simple, user friendly alternative to GPG.

go-alone - A very simple to use, high-performance, Go (golang) MAC signer.

  •    Go

For help with this package or general Go discussion, please join the Discord Gophers chat server.This assumes you already have a working Go environment, if not please see this page first.

node-blake2 - All four BLAKE2 variants (blake2b, blake2bp, blake2s, blake2sp) with stream support for Node

  •    C++

node-blake2 provides a stream-compatible blake2b, blake2bp, blake2s, and blake2sp Hash and KeyedHash for node 4+. On Windows, first install Python 2.7.13 so that node-gyp works.

digestif - Simple hash algorithms in OCaml

  •    OCaml

Digestif (and Rakia) provid some hashes functions in OCaml. Rakia provides theses functions by a C stub and Digestif is a pure implementation in OCaml of theses hashes. So these hashes functions can be used in an OCaml/Mirage/JavasScript world. Obviously, Rakia is more faster than Digestif (the hot loop was implemented in C) but it's possible than Rakia can't compile in your architecture. In this case, it's better to use Digestif or send a PR to fix Rakia.

argon2 - Implementation of argon2 (i, d, id) algorithms with CPU dispatching

  •    C++

There are also HashWithCustomMemory and VerifyWithCustomMemory methods to which you can pass a memory area to use it for computations and to save a little on memory allocation. GetMemorySize method returns the size of memory area that required for a particular instance. The library uses constexpr to calculate some values at compile time. mcost value is a template variable, so the library doesn't support arbitrary mcost values except for predefined ones (in practise you usually don't need it).

codechain-blake-miner - The CodeChain miner for blake_pow

  •    Rust

Mining worker for blake PoW algorithms in CodeChain. CodeChain blake miner is written in Rust. We recommend setting up a build environment with rustup.

nsec - A modern and easy-to-use cryptographic library for .NET Core based on libsodium

  •    CSharp

NSec is a new cryptographic library for .NET Core based on libsodium ❤. It provides modern cryptographic primitives in a modern API based on the new Span<T> and ReadOnlySpan<T> types. NSec aims to be easy to use, secure by default, fast, and agile.

js-ethereum-cryptography - Every cryptographic primitive needed to work on Ethereum, for the browser and Node

  •    TypeScript

This npm package contains all the cryptographic primitives normally used when developing Javascript/TypeScript applications and tools for Ethereum. Pure Javascript implementations of all the primitives are included, so it can be used out of the box for web applications and libraries.

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