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BitcoinExchangeFH - Cryptocurrency exchange market data feed handler

  •    Python

Currently the support of other exchanges is still under development.It is highly recommended to use pip for installing python dependence.

go-deribit - Go library for using the Deribit's Websocket API

  •    Go

Both the remote API and this implementation have changed a lot since v1. The deprecated, but still functioning v1 API has been tagged v1.0.0. Go library for using the Deribit's v2 Websocket API.

bitmex - Packages for work with bitmex rest and websocket API on golang

  •    Go

Packages for work with bitmex rest and websocket API on golang. Target of this packages make easy access to bitmex API including testnet platform.

bitmex-plus - BitMEX (un)authenticated REST and WebSocket helper methods

  •    Javascript

This package provides several helper methods for the REST and WebSocket BitMEX APIs. You can think of it as a lightweight, easy to audit, combination of ccxt (which it doesn't use) and the official bitmex-realtime-api. The module works in Node, but not in the browser, because BitMEX doesn't serve CORS headers on the API.

bitmex-simple-rest - simple rest API wrapper for bitmex

  •    Javascript

API wrapper for the Bitmex REST API. Please refer to their documentation for all calls explained. Check out sample.js for some example calls. Used by my low latency market maker that's running in production. I don't think you can go much faster in nodejs without rewriting Node.js' core http library (if you think you can, feel free to open an issue or propose a PR).

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