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Pilosa - Distributed bitmap index that dramatically accelerates queries across multiple, massive data sets

  •    Go

Pilosa is an open source, distributed bitmap index that dramatically accelerates continuous analysis across multiple, massive data sets. Pilosa collapses the speed and batch layer by abstracting the index from data storage, optimizing it for massive scale, and making your data instantly queryable and continuously analyzable.

scissors - ✂ Android image cropping library

  •    Java

Fixed viewport image cropping library for Android with built-in support for Picasso, Glide or Universal Image Loader. See scissors-sample.

Pixelate - Simple Android library to pixelate images or certain areas of an image.

  •    Java

Simple Android library to pixelate images or certain areas of an image. Simply instantiate Pixelate, give it a bitmap and set the density. This will pixelate your whole image.

AndroidAnimationExercise - Android 动画各种实现,包括帧动画、补间动画和属性动画的总结分享

  •    Java

随着累计的动画效果越来越多,导致工程内代码越来越多,app 运行和编译时间变长。因此采用了组件化的方式,单独抽取了 imitate moulde .

pencil - Pencil2D is an easy, intuitive tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations

  •    C++

Pencil2D is an animation/drawing software for Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. Pencil2D is free and open source. Nightly builds are the bleeding edge versions of Pencil2D, which contains the most recent fixes and features. The link will direct you to Google Drive, please right-click on a file and select Download. The filename is pencil2d-OS-year-month-date. We currently do not offer legacy mac or 32-bit linux nightly builds. If you have one of these systems, you will have to wait for official releases or build the program from source.

column - High-performance, columnar, in-memory store with bitmap indexing in Go

  •    Go

This package contains a high-performance, columnar, in-memory storage engine that supports fast querying, update and iteration with zero-allocations and bitmap indexing. The general idea is to leverage cache-friendly ways of organizing data in structures of arrays (SoA) otherwise known "columnar" storage in database design. This, in turn allows us to iterate and filter over columns very efficiently. On top of that, this package also adds bitmap indexing to the columnar storage, allowing to build filter queries using binary and, and not, or and xor (see kelindar/bitmap with SIMD support).


  •    DotNet

A library which supports decoding and generating of barcodes (like QR Code, PDF 417, EAN, UPC, Aztec, Data Matrix, Codabar) within images.

GlideBitmapPool - Glide Bitmap Pool is a memory management library for reusing the bitmap memory

  •    Java

Glide Bitmap Pool is a memory management library for reusing the bitmap memory. As it reuses bitmap memory , so no more GC calling again and again , hence smooth running application. It uses inBitmap while decoding the bitmap on the supported android versions. All the version use-cases has been handled to optimize it better. Glide Bitmap Pool can be included in any Android or Java application.

scientifica - Tall, condensed, bitmap font for geeks.

  •    Vim

Scientifica is largely based on creep, with a number of minor tweaks to improve readablity (a matter of taste of course). Most characters are just 4px wide, which is brilliant for low dpi(90-120) displays.


  •    CSharp

A simple image library for image type detection. Just call IsJpeg, IsBmp, IsPng in a Image or Bitmap class to identify your image.

Upload With Progress Bar (Manage Media)


Upload file up to any size in .net. Validate the file (size, type) before upload. Upload with progress (Size, Speed, Time, TotalSize,...) (without any flash and silverlight). Upload to temp file during upload (i inject the .net framework ;) ) Save with too many config. Si...

Image to Text Art (HTML Art, Unicode Art, Ascii Art)


Image to Text Art is a class library, WinForms project & example Asp.Net site that turns images supported by the bitmap class into HTML art, Unicode art & ASCII art.

XNA Image Reflector

  •    CSharp

XNA Image Reflector allows you to add Web 2.0-like reflections to images in a few clicks

EWAHBoolArray - A compressed bitmap class in C++.

  •    C++

The class EWAHBoolArray is a compressed bitset data structure. It supports several word sizes by a template parameter (16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit). You should expect the 64-bit word-size to provide better performance, but higher memory usage, while a 32-bit word-size might compress a bit better, at the expense of some performance.The library also provides a basic BoolArray class which can serve as a traditional bitmap.

ImageScript - zero-dependency JavaScript image manipulation

  •    Javascript

ImageScript is a zero-dependency alternative to common JavaScript bitmap image manipulation tools. It can achieve much more performant results by utilizing lower-level memory access, less memory copying and WebAssembly / native binaries for decoding and encoding. If you have any additional questions, feel free to join the discord support server.

csharpewah - Compressed bitmaps in C#

  •    CSharp

This is a compressed variant of the standard bitarray class. It uses a 64-bit RLE-like compression scheme. It can be used to implement bitmap indexes.The goal of word-aligned compression is not to achieve the best compression, but rather to improve query processing time. Hence, we try to save CPU cycles, maybe at the expense of storage. However, the EWAH scheme we implemented is always more efficient storage-wise than an uncompressed bitarray.

load-bmfont - loads a BMFont file in Node and the browser

  •    Javascript

Loads an AngelCode BMFont file from XHR (in browser) and fs (in Node), returning a JSON representation.See text-modules for related modules.

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