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bitflyer-node - wrapper of bitFlyer APIs

  •    Javascript

callback is function as function(err, data). optional: from_date is number. default is 5.

bitflyer - bitflyer API wrapper for Ruby

  •    Ruby

See https://lightning.bitflyer.jp/docs for details. Accessor format is like {event_name}_{product_code}. You can set lambda to get realtime events.

bitflyer4j - Java wrapper library for bitFlyer Lightning API.

  •    Java

bitflyer4j (bitFlyer for Java) is a Java wrapper library for the bitFlyer Lightning API. bitFlyer is a crytocurrency exchange based in Japan, offering JSON+REST API just like many of the other bitcoin and altcoin exchanges. This library aims to capsulize the raw message formats and protocols, and provide a strictly-typed API library in addition to the handy features.

SwiftFlyer - An API wrapper for bitFlyer.

  •    Swift

An API wrapper for bitFlyer that supports all providing API. Fetch a market list.