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  •    CSharp

Bitcoin Payment Gateway API on ASP.NET. Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Speedcoin, Reddcoin, Potcoin, Feathercoin, BTC, Vertcoin, Vericoin, Peercoin, Paycoin, MonetaryUnit, Swiscoin Payments Online on your ASP.NET C# website

Python-Django-Flask-Bitcoin-Payments - This explains how you can use GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway on Python's Django / Flask

  •    Python

This example explains how you can use GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway on Python's Django. It's easily adapted to other frameworks (such as Flask).To render the cryptobox in your template, you will need to send all the requeried parameters to it. (the value of the hash parameter is returned by the hash function of the provided md5hash.py file). Then, pass all these parameters to the cryptobox_show function of the cryptobox.js file.

bitcoind-php - Low level PHP wrapper around bitcoind

  •    PHP

This project is used to interact with a headless bitcoin program called bitcoind. It also contains various utility classes for working with Bitcoin as a PHP Developer.You can install this library by using Composer. You can also view more info about this on Packagist.

docker-bitcoind - 💰 Bitcoind Docker image that runs the Bitcoin node in a container for easy deployment

  •    Shell

Docker image that runs the Bitcoin bitcoind node in a container for easy deployment.Install optional init scripts for upstart and systemd are in the init directory.

bitbank - Easy to use Ruby interface to the Bitcoind JSON-RPC API

  •    Ruby

An easy-to-use Ruby interface for the Bitcoind JSON-RPC API. Work in progress :). Make sure to set the server, rpcuser, and rpcpassword options.

bitcoiner - Ruby interface to the 'bitcoind' JSON-RPC API

  •    Ruby

Automate your Bitcoin transactions with this Ruby interface to the bitcoind JSON-RPC API. This is a fork of bitcoind Ruby gem.

bitgod - Drop-in replacement for bitcoind JSON-RPC which proxies to BitGo API

  •    Javascript

BitGoD is a NodeJS package and binary which operates a bitcoind-compatible JSON-RPC API. It is designed to proxy non-wallet API calls to a local bitcoind instance, though this is not required, if those API calls are not used. For wallet-related API calls, BitGoD speaks on the back-end to the BitGo REST API, and allows the client to easily operate a multi-sig wallet as if it were dealing with a standard bitcoind instance. NodeJS must be installed as a prerequisite.