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SoftwareBotany.Sunlight Word Aligned Hybrid Bit Vector Search Framework


The Software Botany Sunlight project is a search framework built using Word Aligned Hybrid Bit Vectors. Its sole purpose is to provide high performance in-memory searching of data using unknown combinations of indices. It is developed with .NET 4.0 using C#.

bit-array - JavaScript implementation of bit arrays.

  •    Javascript

Even though bit arrays are not that useful in JavaScript, there is one place where they excel; encoding large boolean sets for transfer between the browser and server. A JSON representation of a bit array is much smaller than an actual boolean array. Alternatively you could just include bit-array.js in your project.

BitSet.js - An arbitrary size Bit-Vector implementation in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

BitSet.js is a infinite Bit-Array implementation in JavaScript. That means that if you invert a bit vector, the leading ones get remembered. As far as I can tell, BitSet.js is the only library which has this feature. It is also heavily benchmarked against other implementations and is the fastest implementation to date.NOTE: As of version v4.0.0, BitSet.js is mutable, which means that the object gets changed by method invocations. In order to work on explicit copies, use clone().

MK85 - toy-level, simple SMT solver

  •    C

It's very early sneak preview. It supports only bools and bitvecs. No integers, let alone reals and arrays and tuples and whatnot. Its complexity is comparable to simple LISP interpreter. However, it can serve as education tool (hopefully). This is also my playground.

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