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bit-array - JavaScript implementation of bit arrays.

  •    Javascript

Even though bit arrays are not that useful in JavaScript, there is one place where they excel; encoding large boolean sets for transfer between the browser and server. A JSON representation of a bit array is much smaller than an actual boolean array. Alternatively you could just include bit-array.js in your project.

BitSet.js - An arbitrary size Bit-Vector implementation in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

BitSet.js is a infinite Bit-Array implementation in JavaScript. That means that if you invert a bit vector, the leading ones get remembered. As far as I can tell, BitSet.js is the only library which has this feature. It is also heavily benchmarked against other implementations and is the fastest implementation to date.NOTE: As of version v4.0.0, BitSet.js is mutable, which means that the object gets changed by method invocations. In order to work on explicit copies, use clone().

bitbuf - C API for creation and analysis of binary data

  •    C

bitbuf is a fast C API designed to help make the creation and analysis of binary data as simple and natural as possible. bitbuf structures can be constructed from integers, strings, or files. They can also be sliced, appended, reversed, inserted and so on with simple functions. They can also be searched, replaced, read from, and navigated with ease.

bit - Set data structure for positive numbers

  •    Go

A bit array, or bit set, is an efficient set data structure. It consists of an array that compactly stores bits and it uses bit-level parallelism to perform operations quickly. There is an online reference for the package at godoc.org/github.com/yourbasic/bit.