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BingMapsRESTToolkit - This is a portable class library which makes it easy to access the Bing Maps REST services from

  •    CSharp

This is a portable .NET class library which provides a set of tools that make it easy to access the Bing Maps REST services in .NET based apps. Take a look at the Getting Started documentation.The Bing Maps REST Services Toolkit is available as a NuGet package. If using Visual Studio, open the nuget package manager, select the Browse tab and search for "Bing Maps REST". This should reduce the list of results enough to find the "BingMapsRESTToolkit" package. The owner of the package is bingmaps and the author is Microsoft.

BingMapsV8CodeSamples - This is a collection of over a hundred code samples for the Bing Maps V8 web control


This is a collection of over a hundred code samples for the Bing Maps V8 web control. These samples have been collected from a number of different sources. Some of these samples where created to assist developers on the Bing Maps forums while many others where created for the Bing Maps blog, MSDN documentation and interactive SDK.The experimental folder of this project contains code samples that are proof of concepts, hacks, workarounds, untested code or simply experiments. These samples are primarily for trying things outs and likely contain unsupported code which can break at any time. It is not recommended to use any of these code samples in production applications.

BingMapsSDSToolkit - This toolkit makes it easy to use the Bing Maps Spatial Data Services (SDS) in

  •    CSharp

See the documentation for more information on how to use this library. This toolkit is based on the documentation for the Bing Maps Spatial Data Services.If you are working with the Bing Maps REST services which provides; on-demand forward and reverse geocoding, routing, static imagery, traffic and elevation data, take a look at the Bing Maps REST Toolkit.

geo-coder - Geo-Coding/Reverse-Lookup with Various Providers

  •    Javascript

address lookup/autocomplete/reverse-geolookup for Google, OpenStreet, and Bing

wheredat - A simple, easy to use, geocoding interface for web applications

  •    Javascript

wheredat provides a geocoding and reverse geocoding interface (UI) through Bing, MapQuest or Mapbox maps. You setup an instance of the application and then embed it in an iframe on any other applications that use it. The client app passes an address or lonlat it needs geocoded and wheredat builds a map showing the location found allowing the user to move the point on the map to further refine the location. All this information is passed back to the client app so it can be used or stored there. Another one of its goals is to be extremely light weight and quick to load.

leaflet-bing-layer - Bing Maps Layer for Leaflet v1.0.0

  •    Javascript

Bing Maps Layer for Leaflet v1.0.0

bing-translate - Bing Translator module for node.js

  •    Javascript

Please refer to this link for the complete list of the languages supported by BING.

bing-dict.el - Minimalists' Bing dictionary for Emacs

  •    Emacs

A minimalists' Emacs extension to search http://www.bing.com/dict. Support English to Chinese and Chinese to English. You can install via melpa.

php-sitemap - Standalone sitemap builder 100% standards compliant.

  •    PHP

Builds sitemaps for pages, images and media files and provides a class to submit them to search engines. This component builds sitemaps supported by the main search engines, Google and Bing, in xml and gzip formats.

SearchWithMyBrowser - Open Cortana searches with your default browser.

  •    Inno

Since April 28ᵗʰ 2016, Cortana opens searches only in Microsoft Edge to prevent users from using another search engine than Bing. SearchWithMyBrowser is a little utility that associates itself with the microsoft-edge: protocol, used by Cortana to open Edge. After parsing the request to make sure it's a valid URL, it will redirect it to your default browser. You can also get a copy in the GitHub releases section.

wallpaper - :four_leaf_clover: Change your desktop wallpaper on OSX, Linux and Windows

  •    Javascript

wallpaper supports custom image source. The lib/sources/bing.js was provided by default while you can custom your source from other websites, see lib/sources/your.js for more information. You can download the latest source files from the Releases page.

bing-wallpaper - This program automatically set Bing Wallpaper of the Day as your Desktop's wallpaper

  •    Python

This program automatically sets Bing's Photo-of-the-Day as your (Windows) Desktop's wallpaper.     You can download .exe it from here 👉 link.

bingspeech-api-client - Microsoft Bing Speech API client in node.js

  •    TypeScript

A Microsoft Bing Speech API client written in node.js. Official documentation for Bing Speech API service.

bing-wallpaper - Python Skript that sets the daily www.bing.com picture as a Desktop Wallpaper

  •    Python

A Python3 script to set the daily background image of www.bing.com as desktop allpaper on Linux or Windows. Works fine with Ubuntu 13.10 (Unity and Gnome3). KDE is not supported yet. By testing it in Win7 I experienced a reset of the wallpaper after rebooting.

react-leaflet-bing - Bing layer as React component for Leaflet

  •    Javascript

Bing layer as React component for Leaflet build on top of React-Leaflet. For more details on how to use this plugin check the example.

SerpScraper - A smart, browser-like scraper built to extract search results from Google and Bing.

  •    PHP

Google Search no longer uses its image-based captcha. It has now moved on to its new reCAPTCHA v2 which makes it very difficult for robots and scripts to bypass. We're looking for a solution. Stay tuned. The purpose of this library is to provide an easy, undetectable, and captcha resistant way to extract data from all major search engines such as Google and Bing.

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