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ShellPop - Pop shells like a master.

  •    Python

Shellpop is all about popping shells. With this tool you can generate easy and sophisticated reverse or bind shell commands to help you during penetration tests. Python 2.7 is required.

bind.js - bind.js - simple two way data binding to HTML and callbacks

  •    Javascript

Two way data binding for HTML and JavaScript (with node.js compatibility) with additional support for transforming data before it arrives in the DOM.setters/gettings, fn.bind, qSA (if using selectors), getOwnPropertyNames.

node-dns - Replacement dns module in pure javascript for node.js

  •    Javascript

This project is not actively maintained, it's left here for historical reasons, and when I (TJ) have time I come back to it. Feel free to fork and name the repo and npm package whatever you will.

reactive - Tiny reactive template engine

  •    Javascript

Simple and Flexible template and view binding engine with support for custom bindings and real-time updates on model changes. Rendering a basic html template with a predefined data model.

docker-bind - Dockerize BIND DNS server with webmin for DNS administration

  •    Shell

Dockerfile to create a Docker container image for BIND DNS server bundled with the Webmin interface. BIND is open source software that implements the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols for the Internet. It is a reference implementation of those protocols, but it is also production-grade software, suitable for use in high-volume and high-reliability applications.


  •    DotNet

Windows user interface for BIND DNS server. The BIND DNS Server is used on the vast majority of name serving machines on the Internet, providing a robust and stable architecture on top of which an organization's naming architecture can be built.

tiny-emitter - A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library

  •    Javascript

A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library. Alternatively, you can skip the initialization step by requiring tiny-emitter/instance instead. This pulls in an already initialized emitter.

lodash-bound - Enables chained lodash functions with ES bind (::) syntax

  •    Javascript

babel-plugin-lodash and lodash-webpack-plugin introduced an optimizaion that includes only the used lodash methods in the compiled webpack file. So you can still import _ from 'lodash' without having the entire lodash library to load. However, chaining is not supported. _.chain(value).method() or _(value).method() will result in an (understandable) error.

obsify - Observableify a callback-style function

  •    Javascript

Callback-style function or module whose methods you want to observableify.Methods in a module to observableify. Remaining methods will be left untouched.

bind-methods - Bind all methods in an object to itself or a specified context

  •    Javascript

Bind methods in input to itself or context if specified. Returns the input object.Object with methods to bind.

auto-bind - Automatically bind methods to their class instance

  •    Javascript

Bind methods in self to their class instance. Returns the self object.Object with methods to bind.

bound-native-methods - Bound native virtual methods to be used together with ES7 :: bind operator.

  •    Javascript

This library exports a collection of bound native virtual methods - static methods of JavaScript standard built-in objects in their bound form - so that they can be used together with the proposed bind operator.

node-ap - Currying in javascript. Like .bind() without also setting `this`.

  •    Javascript

Function.prototype.bind sets this which is super annoying if you just want to do currying over arguments while passing this through.Fill in the arguments args at the beginning of fn's arguments list.

react-extras - Useful components and utilities for working with React

  •    Javascript

Note that this package targets modern browsers. It's up to you to transpile if you need to support older browsers.Automatically binds your React.Component subclass methods to the instance. See the autoBind.react() docs.

eventify - Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events

  •    Javascript

A 3.19 kB (1.4K gzipped) browser ready version is available on the dist/ folder. Copies the methods on, off and trigger to the destination object, and returns the destination object.

asEvented - Micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object.

  •    Javascript

asEvented is a micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object. It works in the browser and server (node.js). The code follows a functional mixins pattern described by Angus Croll a-fresh-look-at-javascript-mixins.

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