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gods - GoDS (Go Data Structures)

  •    Go

Implementation of various data structures and algorithms in Go.Containers are either ordered or unordered. All ordered containers provide stateful iterators and some of them allow enumerable functions.

StablePriorityQueue.js - A stable heap-based priority queue in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

In a priority queue, you can...In practice, "quickly" often means in logarithmic time (O(log n)).

tinyqueue - The smallest and simplest priority queue in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

The smallest and simplest binary heap priority queue in JavaScript. Inspired by js-priority-queue by Adam Hooper.

DataStructures - A collection of Data Structures implemented in Swift.

  •    Swift

A collection of data structures implemented in Swift. All collection types are implemented as structures with the exception of the LinkedList data structure. This means they are copied when they are assigned to a new constant or variable, or when they are passed to a function or method.

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