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annie - 👾 Fast, simple and clean video downloader

  •    Go

👾 Annie is a fast, simple and clean video downloader built with Go. The following dependencies are required and must be installed separately.

BiliDan - Play videos on Bilibili.com with MPV and Danmaku2ASS

  •    Python

Note: This project is not maintained anymore, and is not guaranteed to work. I will not add new features in predictable future. For any need of improving or fixing, please send me a pull request for me to merge your code in. Thank you for your long-time support. Note that Libav does not work. See why FFmpeg is preferred.

danmu - Python 弹幕包 A live danmu package for python

  •    Python

Python 弹幕包 A live danmu package for python


  •    DotNet


BilibiliHelper - :taco: B 站自动领瓜子、直播挂机脚本 - PHP 版

  •    PHP

:taco: B 站自动领瓜子、直播挂机脚本 - PHP 版

danmaku-to-ass - A站B站弹幕转字幕文件

  •    Javascript

Convert bilibili & acfun danmaku to ass subtitle

acmpv - 使用 mpv 播放带弹幕的 Acfun & Bilibili 视频

  •    Python

使用 mpv 播放带弹幕的 Acfun & Bilibili 视频

bilibili-av - This module is for getting bilibili subtitles via a certain av number and its page number

  •    Javascript

This module is for getting bilibili av information via a certain av number and its page number.

bilibili - 妈妈再也不担心我看 b 站视频发热了

  •    Javascript

妈妈再也不用担心我看 b 站视频发热了

ACG-videos-detector - :mag: A simple web media detector

  •    Javascript

The Original idea comes from here. A chrome extension to detect particular words in web pages based on the given patterns, mostly used to sniff ACG media.

BililiveRecorder - B站录播姬 | BiliBili Stream Recorder

  •    CSharp

GitHub is a global platform, and theoretically, everyone should use English. But since this project is only meant for Chinese user and rely on a Chinese website BiliBili (wikipedia), all code comments are in Chinese. This README file will always use English so people like you can understand what is this, and perhaps make some use out of it. Some file are generated by PreComplie Script. Build project to clear errors shown by Visual Studio.

www.danmuji.org - 弹幕姬的网站 https://www.danmuji.org 弹幕姬 https://github.com/copyliu/bililive_dm

  •    CSS

弹幕姬的网站 https://www.danmuji.org 弹幕姬 https://github.com/copyliu/bililive_dm

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