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google-cloud-node - Google Cloud Client Library for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Node.js idiomatic client for Google Cloud Platform services.If you need support for other Google APIs, check out the Google Node.js API Client library.

JanusGraph - Distributed graph database

  •    Java

JanusGraph is a highly scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying large graphs with billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multi-machine cluster. JanusGraph is a transactional database that can support thousands of concurrent users, complex traversals, and analytic graph queries.

tera - An Internet-Scale Database.

  •    C++

Copyright 2015, Baidu, Inc. Tera is the collection of many sparse, distributed, multidimensional tables. The table is indexed by a row key, column key, and a timestamp; each value in the table is an uninterpreted array of bytes.

Heroic - The Time Series Database

  •    Java

Heroic is a scalable time series database based on Bigtable, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch. It is an open-source monitoring system originally built at Spotify to address the problems that were facing with large scale gathering and near real-time analysis of metrics.


  •    Java

A wrapper around the Bigtable RPC client

nightly - Changelog Nightly unearths the hottest repos on GitHub before they blow up

  •    Ruby

Changelog Nightly is a free email we ship every night at 10pm US Central. It unearths the hottest new repos on GitHub before they blow up. Listen to our in-depth interview with Ilya on The Changelog #144 where we cover all the details about GitHub Archive and Changelog Nightly.

google-cloud-cpp - Google Cloud Client Library for C++

  •    C++

C++ Idiomatic Clients for Google Cloud Platform services. The libraries in this code base likely do not (yet) cover all the available APIs.

nodejs-bigtable - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js idiomatic client for Cloud Bigtable. Cloud Bigtable is Google's NoSQL Big Data database service. It's the same database that powers many core Google services, including Search, Analytics, Maps, and Gmail.

bigtable-autoscaler - A service that autoscales Bigtable clusters based on CPU load

  •    Java

Many Bigtable clusters have uneven load over time. To avoid wasting capacity (and money), it's desirable to scale down the cluster during off-hours. The Bigtable autoscaler lets you do that with no manual intervention. If the cluster was at 3 nodes, this will immediately rescale the cluster to 4 nodes as that's the minimum threshold. If you generate some significant load to the cluster, it may scale up to 6 nodes.

btcli - CLI client for the Bigtable with auto-completion.

  •    Go

CLI client for the Bigtable with auto-completion. btcli is the cloud bigtable client tool. Connect to your bigtable instances and any read items with auto-completion.

go-schemaless - An open-source sharded database framework based on Uber's Schemaless

  •    Go

This is an open-source, MIT-licensed implementation of Uber's Schemaless (immutable BigTable-style sharded MySQL/Postgres). All code is in Go.

bigtable-autoscaler-operator - Kubernetes operator to autoscale Google's Cloud Bigtable clusters

  •    Go

Bigtable Autoscaler Operator is a Kubernetes Operator to autoscale the number of nodes of a Google Cloud Bigtable instance based on the CPU utilization. Google Cloud Bigtable is designed to scale horizontally, meaning that the number of nodes of an instance can be increased to balance and reduce the average CPU utilization. For Bigtable applications dealing with high variances of workload, automating the cluster scaling allow handling short load bursts while keeping costs as low as possible. This operator automates the scaling by balancing the number of nodes to keep the CPU utilization under the manifest specifications.

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