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acousticbrainz-server - The server components for the AcousticBrainz project

  •    Python

The server components for the AcousticBrainz project. Full installation instructions are available in INSTALL.md file. After installing, continue the following steps.

listenbrainz-server - Server for the ListenBrainz project

  •    Python

The ListenBrainz project is similar to the original AudioScrobbler®. Unlike the original project, ListenBrainz is open source and publishes its data as open data. A team of former Last.fm and current MusicBrainz hackers created the first version of ListenBrainz in a weekend. Since the original project was created, technology has advanced at an incredibly rapid pace, which made re-creating the original project fairly straightforward.

cleanEHR - Essential tools and utility functions to facilitate the data processing pipeline, data cleaning and data analysing of clinical data from CC-HIC

  •    R

cleanEHR is an electronic health care record (EHR) data cleaning and processing platform, which works with the Critical Care Health Informatics Collaborative's data set. The purpose of the project is to enable researchers to answer clinical questions that are important to patients, but which are normally too difficult because data is unstandardised, siloed, and inaccessible. Since 2014 data from the critical care units at Cambridge, Guys/Kings/St Thomas', Imperial, Oxford, and University College London has been extracted and stored securely in a standardised format.

clgen - Deep learning program generator

  •    C

CLgen is an open source application for generating runnable programs using deep learning. CLgen learns to program using neural networks which model the semantics and usage from large volumes of program fragments, generating many-core OpenCL programs that are representative of, but distinct from, the programs it learns from. See the online documentation for instructions on how to download and install CLgen.