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zotero-better-bibtex - Make Zotero effective for us LaTeX holdouts

  •    TypeScript

This extension aims to make Zotero (and soon Juris-M) effective for us text-based authoring holdouts; currently, that translates to the LaTeX/Markdown crowd. To get started, read the Installation instructions. At its core, it behaves like any Zotero import/export module; anywhere you can export or import bibliography items in Zotero, you'll find Better Bib(La)TeX listed as one of the choices. If nothing else, you could keep your existing workflow as-is, and just enjoy the improved LaTeX ↔ unicode translation on import and export and more accurate field mapping. Zotero does all its work in UTF-8 Unicode, which is absolutely the right thing to do. Unfortunately, for those shackled to BibTeX and who cannot (yet) move to BibLaTeX, unicode is a major PITA. Also, Zotero supports some simple HTML markup in your references that Bib(La)TeX won't understand.

jabref - Graphical Java application for managing BibTeX and biblatex (.bib) databases

  •    Java

JabRef is an open-source, cross-platform citation and reference management tool licensed under the MIT license. Stay on top of your literature: JabRef helps you to collect and organize sources, find the paper you need and discover the latest research.

jekyll-scholar - jekyll extensions for the blogging scholar

  •    Gherkin

Jekyll-Scholar is for all the academic bloggers out there. It is a set of extensions to Jekyll, the awesome, blog aware, static site generator; it formats your bibliographies and reading lists for the web and gives your blog posts citation super-powers. Note that it is not possible to use this plugin with the default Github pages workflow. Github does not allow any but a few select plugins to run for security reasons, and Jekyll-Scholar is not among them. You will have to generate your site locally and push the results to the master resp. gh-pages branch of your site repository. You can keep sources, configuration and plugins in a separate branch; see e.g. here for details.

NoLedge - Note taker and knowledge database


NoLedge is an open-source freeware designed to serve as an academic or general notebook. It includes a simple and (hopefully) user-friendly interface and allows the creation of "notes", similar to articles in Wikis. It is also meant to be used as a reference management softwar...

org-roam-bibtex - Connector between Org-roam, BibTeX-completion, and Org-ref

  •    Emacs

Org Roam BibTeX (ORB) is an Org Roam extension that integrates Org Roam with Helm and Ivy BibTeX and Org Ref. It allows users to manage their bibliographical notes using Org Roam and access the notes in org-roam-directory via helm-bibtex, ivy-bibtex, or by opening org-ref’s cite: links.

censorbib - The Internet censorship bibliography.

  •    TeX

This repository contains the BibTeX file and HTML templates that are used to create the Internet censorship bibliography.You first need bibliogra.py to turn the BibTeX file into an HTML bibliography.

django-publications - A Django app for managing scientific publications.

  •    Python

A Django app for managing scientific publications. Run pip install django-publications.

gscholar - Query Google Scholar with Python

  •    Python

Query Google Scholar using Python. Gscholar is Python2 and Python3 compatible. No changes should be required to run on either Python version.

bibpy - Bibtex parser in python

  •    TeX

Bibpy is a (yet another) BibTex file parser in python. It doesn't depend on libraries like pyparser etc. It's small and fast. Also, sometimes it recovers from common errors.

BibTeX-Label-Creator - Plugin for Endnote to generate bibtex labels

  •    C++

This is a simple plugin for Endnote that generates BibTeX labels for Endnote to be exported using the built in BibTeX export plugin. If you're on Windows 10, copy the .dll file from the root directory of this repository.

bibliography-js - 📚 Javascript library for working with bibliographic references, based on BiBTeX

  •    Javascript

Javascript / Typescript library for bibliographic entities. It can parse BiBTeX and processes some LaTeX stuff, such as replacing special characters with their Unicode equivalent (for example, {\"o} is automatically converted to ö).

bibtex-js - Library for parsing .bib files, used in Bibliography.js 📚

  •    TypeScript

Library for parsing BibTeX .bib files, based mostly on the excellent guide to BibTeX, Tame the BeaST. Written in Typescript, compiled to ES5 Javascript (with typings provided).

bib-publication-list - Interactive publications lists with JavaScript + Bibtex

  •    Javascript

Alternatively, the bibtex can be loaded from a file. Personally I prefer including it in the HTML, though. This way, browsers without JavaScript enabled get at least to see the bibtex instead of a blank page. This causes an ugly-looking flash of unstyled content, though. The result looks like my publication list at: http://villekaravirta.com/publications/.

bibtex-parser - A CommonJS port of BibTeX-js

  •    Javascript

Parses a string as a bibtex file. The result is an object whose properties are the entries of the bibtex file, and whose values are objects with contents of the bibtex file.

gscholar-bibtex - Retrieve BibTeX entries from Google Scholar, ACM Digital Library, IEEE Xplore and DBLP

  •    Emacs

UPDATE: ACM Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, and DBLP are now supported though the package name doesn’t suggest that. Choose a source, then enter your query and select the results.

bibtex-parser - Yet another BibTeX parser

  •    PHP

This is a BibTeX parser written in PHP. You are browsing the documentation of BibTeX Parser 2.x, the latest version.

bibtexParseJs - A JavaScript library that parses BibTeX parser.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library that parses BibTeX parser. Forked from bibtex-parser. Contributions are welcome. Please make sure the unit test(test/runTest.js) reflects the changes and completes successfully.

autobib - Automatic bibtex generation from a file list, auto formatting, etc.

  •    Python

Autobib is a python script that helps organizing your bibliography by automatizing mundane tasks such as querying .bib information from the web. The way it works is that you simply provide autobib.py with the root of your folder tree containing all the pdfs you want to index, and it will automagically query information from the internet and create a nice biblio.bib out of it. It can also do other stuff, such as autoformating you .bib files, generating unique keys, and so on. This program has been tested with Python 3.5, and I don't know if it works with Python 2.7.

betterbib - Update BibTeX file with info from online resources.

  •    Python

BibTeX files are typically manually maintained and thus often contain inconsistencies, mistakes, or are missing information. betterbib helps maintaining your BibTeX files by comparing them with online sources and correcting whatever entries are found faulty. All betterbib command-line options are explained in betterbib -h.

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