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BezierInfo-2 - A from-the-ground-up rewrite of https://pomax

  •    PHP

Both operations run continuous linting. Also note that there are specific requirements for development, see the section on dev requirements below. All fonts come with TeXLive and MiKTeX, and should be easy to install. Note that you will need the modern OpenType (otf/ttf) fonts, not the obsolete type1 fonts.

curvejs - Made curve a dancer in HTML5 canvas - 魔幻线条

  •    Javascript

Made curve a dancer in HTML5 canvas. In this motion directory, there are already some built-in motion. you can submit your motion and then create a pull request to the project.

GreenSock-JS - GreenSock's GSAP JavaScript animation library (including Draggable).

  •    Javascript

GSAP is a JavaScript library for creating high-performance animations that work in every major browser. No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, reliability, API efficiency, and tight control while solving real-world problems on over 4 million sites. GSAP works around countless browser inconsistencies; your animations 'just work'. CSS properties, SVG, canvas libraries, custom properties of generic objects, colors, strings...animate anything! At its core, GSAP is a high-speed property manipulator, updating values over time with extreme accuracy. It's up to 20x faster than jQuery! See the "Why GSAP?" article for what makes GSAP so special. Unlike monolithic frameworks that dictate how you structure your apps, GSAP is completely flexible; sprinkle it wherever you want. React, Vue, Angular or vanilla JS - doesn't matter. Simply put, GSAP is the most robust high-performance animation library on the planet, which is probably why every major ad network excludes it from file size calculations.

TweenKit - Animation library for iOS in Swift

  •    Swift

Create an instance of ActionScheduler to run your animations. You should retain the scheduler, so it's best made as a property on your View Controller. TweenKit's animations are composed of 'Actions'. These are small animation units that can be chained or grouped to build complex animations. Once you have created an action, you can tell the scheduler to run it.

bezierjs - A nodejs and client-side library for (cubic) Bezier curve work

  •    Javascript

A node.js and client-side library for (quadratic and cubic) Bezier curve work. For a Demo and the API, hit up either pomax.github.io/bezierjs or read the souce (./lib for the library code, start at index.js).

bezier-easing - cubic-bezier implementation for your JavaScript animation easings – MIT License

  •    Javascript

BezierEasing provides Cubic Bezier Curve easing which generalizes easing functions (ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out, ...any other custom curve) exactly like in CSS Transitions. Implementing efficient lookup is not easy because it implies projecting the X coordinate to a Bezier Curve. This micro library uses fast heuristics (involving dichotomic search, newton-raphson, sampling) to focus on performance and precision.

morpheus - A Brilliant Animator

  •    Javascript

A Brilliant Animator. Morpheus lets you "tween anything" in parallel on multiple elements; from colors to integers of any unit (px, em, %, etc), with easing transitions and bezier curves, including CSS3 transforms (roate, scale, skew, & translate) -- all in a single high-performant loop utilizing the CPU-friendly requestAnimationFrame standard.

XNA Bezier Path Lighting

  •    CSharp

Bezier Path Lighting provides a new way to light virtual worlds in XNA. This new lighting approach employs Bezier Curves to create lights with "length", unlike traditional point or spot lights. This project is written in C# for XNA, but can be applied to other graphics libraries.

.NET WinForms NodeGraph Control

  •    DotNet

NodeView is a lightweight C# Windows Forms Control that allows to design & create Editable Node Trees in your application.

macSVG - macSVG - An open-source macOS app for designing HTML5 SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) art and animation with a WebKit web view ---

  •    Objective-C

May 8, 2018 – macSVG v1.1.4 is released, with minor user interface improvements, and various bug fixes. See the Release Notes for details. macSVG is a MIT-licensed open-source macOS app for designing HTML5 SVG 1.1 (Scalable Vector Graphics) art and animation.

bezier - n-degree Bezier spline interpolation.

  •    Javascript

n-degree Bezier curve interpolation.Returns the value at t for a bezier curve of points.length degrees. In other words, if you pass it a 3-element array you'll get the results of a 3-degree (quadratic) curve.

adaptive-bezier-curve - adaptive and scalable 2D bezier curves

  •    Javascript

Builds a bezier curve that is adaptive; that is to say, it has more points along curved corners, and less points along straight lines. This can be used to produce scalable curves that are consistently smooth, while using a small number of steps. Based on AntiGrain.Also see adaptive-quadratic-curve.

adaptive-quadratic-curve - adaptive and scalable 2D quadratic curves

  •    Javascript

Builds a quadratic curve that is adaptive; that is to say, it has more points along curved corners, and less points along straight lines. This can be used to produce scalable curves that are consistently smooth, while using a small number of steps. Based on AntiGrain.Also see adaptive-bezier-curve.

path-illustrator - a simple client for illustrating vector paths

  •    Javascript

Work in progress. A client interface for drawing lines, curves and shapes with familiar Photoshop tools and keybaord shortcuts.The end goals for the project described here.

svg-path-contours - gets a discrete list of points from svg

  •    Javascript

Approximates an SVG path into a discrete list of 2D contours (polylines). This is useful for collision detection, intersection, triangulation & WebGL rendering, etc. It does not attempt to clean or optimize the discretized points.See demo/index.js for exmaple.

Shapes - Net standard geometry/shape manipulation library, can be used to merge / split shapes

  •    CSharp

SixLabors.Shapes is a new cross-platform 2D polygon manipulation AP.At present the code is pre-release we have initial pre-releases availible on nuget.

bez - A small jQuery plugin which lets you create easing functions from cubic-bezier co-ordinates.

  •    Javascript

Bez is a small plugin for jQuery which allows you to specify jQuery easing functions as cubic-bezier co-ordinates. You can see Bez in action in my Roto scrolling plugin: http://github.com/rdallasgray/roto.

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