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Fido - A lightweight C++ machine learning library for embedded electronics and robotics.

  •    C++

Fido is an lightweight, highly modular C++ machine learning library for embedded electronics and robotics. Fido is especially suited for robotic and embedded contexts, as it is written in C++ with minimal use of the standard library, comes packaged with a robotic simulator, and provides and easy interface in which to write robotic drivers. Check out the project site and documentation for more information.


  •    Basic

Gchat - is easy to use program, suitable for communicating with friends. This non-commercial program that you can change it as you like. Program code is placed inside. I wish you good use.



A collection of easy to use Xna components for aiding a game programmer in developing thee next big thing. I plan on using the components from this to make a game of my own. Its developed in C# using the Xna library, and the components will be Xbox360 and Windows PC compatible.

Obilogic SharePoint 2010 Picture Library Web Parts


SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Parts for displaying image files from a Picture Library Including: Picture Library Image Slider Picture Library Image Expanding Zoom Picture Library Image Zoom with Caption


  •    DotNet

vXCopy is a Multi-Threadeds Files & Directories Copy tool with Stop&Resume support - Fully Developed in C# 2.0 - Click-once is used to install & update versions - Threads numbers adjustable during copy process... !! To view and edit project's source, you need VS2008 !!

SharePoint 2010 BDC Model Builder


This is a code generation tool for building Visual Studio 2010 Bdc Models for web services. It allows the use of complex service methods which aren't supported by SharePoint Designer. The application is written in WPF 4 using an MVVM pattern.

SmashApps JQuery Editor

  •    DotNet

SmashApps JQuery Editor is a simple editor for JQuery and JavaScript. JQuery Editor focuses on CSS3 and HTML5. Create stunning web pages with the latest effects. It is developed in Visual Basic 2010 with the .net Framework 4.0. Created by the SmashApps Development Team

Sharepoint SP2010 - List ColumnsManager


This feature allows site collection administrators to view all the columns of a list. It is from the sharepoint tool basket http://sptoolbasket.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=SharePoint%20-%20List%20Columns%20Manager&FocusElement=Comment The List ColumnsManager makes it easie...

npm-next - Wraps the latest unstable version of npm with different name so you can test alongside stable npm

  •    Javascript

Wraps the latest unstable version of npm with different name so you can globally install it and test the unstable version alongside a globally installed and stable npm.

npm3 - Use npm v3 alongside your currently installed npm.

  •    Javascript

Wraps the 'next' version of npm v3 as an executable npm3.Allows you to use npm v3 alongside whatever other version of npm you currently have installed.

mathfn - Some basic but difficult to implement mathmatical functions

  •    Javascript

mathfn is a slowly growing collection of some difficult mathmatical functions there should be included in Math. but isn't. This is a list of the currently implemented functions and a few details. This function is implemented using the "Abramowitz & Stegun" approximation its theortical accuracy is 1.5 * 10^-7. However the limitations of JavaScript might result in a lower accuracy.

OpenMDAO - OpenMDAO 2.0 repository.

  •    Python

PLEASE NOTE: Until recently, this repository was named OpenMDAO/blue. If you had cloned that repository, please update your repository name and remotes to reflect these changes. The OpenMDAO 2.x.y code has taken the name OpenMDAO, and it resides at https://github.com/OpenMDAO/OpenMDAO.

digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager - Kubernetes cloud-controller-manager for DigitalOcean (beta)

  •    Go

digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager is the Kubernetes cloud controller manager implementation for DigitalOcean. Read more about cloud controller managers here. Running digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager allows you to leverage many of the cloud provider features offered by DigitalOcean on your kubernetes clusters. Because of the fast Kubernetes release cycles, CCM (Cloud Controller Manager) will only support the version that is also supported on DigitalOcean Kubernetes product. Any other releases will be not officially supported by us.

swift-nio-http2 - HTTP/2 support for SwiftNIO

  •    Swift

This project contains HTTP/2 support for Swift projects using SwiftNIO. Please be aware that this project is currently in a beta state, and is subject to change. There are a number of current limitations in the project (see the Beta section for more details), and the API remains subject to change.

Open-Mam - Open Source Mobile Application Management (WORK IN PROGRESS)

  •    Java

Open-Mam is an open-source mobile application management, With this project, you will have your own mobile store, linked with your own server. The main goal is to distribute your applications to your employers, your beta-testers or your clients, but without sending your application binaries on the cloud, you will handle their storage.

azure-dockerdatacenter - **Not Maintained for now** :star: :whale2: :penguin: Azure Docker DataCenter Templates for the to-be GAed (Now GAed) Docker DataCenter with ucp:2

  •    Shell

Patches can be submitted as GitHub pull requests. If using GitHub please make sure your branch applies to the current master as a 'fast forward' merge (i.e. without creating a merge commit). Use the git rebase command to update your branch to the current master if necessary. OMS Setup is optional and the OMS Workspace Id and OMS Workspace Key can either be kept blank or populated post the steps below.

Activity - A PHP API to log anything anywhere

  •    PHP

This script is currently over active development and it is currently in a beta test process. If you find any errors, please open an issue or, if you don't want to register on Github, open a ticket on my support center or send me an email to support@miguelpiedrafita.com.

Tuex - A mostly reasonable alternative to Vuex

  •    TypeScript

A simpler Vuex alternative written in TypeScript. Tuex is a reactive centralized state management library for Vue.js. It takes heavy inspiration from the Flux pattern (especially Vuex).

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