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module-best-practices - :books: some best practices for JS modules

  •    Javascript

This is a set of "best practices" I've found for writing new JavaScript modules. This guide deals specifically with front- and back-end Node/CommonJS modules hosted on npm, but the same concepts may apply elsewhere.A "module" is just a reusable chunk of code, abstracted into a more user-friendly API.

Fox Level Editor

  •    DotNet

Fox Level Editor 2d Level Editor Created By Xna 4.

Avesoft Free SMS Suite


This is a software to send free SMS with just a click of a Button. you can also send multiple SMSs at a time,save your contacts and many people can use this single software with maximum privacy(no one can get others contact or sent SMS info)..... Cool right??

The GLMET Project


The GLMET Project, was last a word encrypt software, GLMET/MLT. Now, it is a Open-source software publisher of Visual Studio/Visual Basic/c++ and c#.

golang-gin-realworld-example-app - Exemplary real world application built with Golang + Gin

  •    Go

This codebase was created to demonstrate a fully fledged fullstack application built with Golang/Gin including CRUD operations, authentication, routing, pagination, and more.

ember-best-language - A FastBoot-enabled addon to detect the best language for your user.

  •    Javascript

An FastBoot-enabled addon to detect the best language for your user. ember-best-language uses a scoring system to determine the best language to use. The scoring system is based on the Accept-Language header on the FastBoot-side. On the client side, we use navigator.languages and give a score to each language based on its order in the array.

generator-angular-enterprise - Yo generator for consistent, well-documented, well-tested enterprise Angular applications

  •    Javascript

This is the most comprehensive and strict code generator that adheres to Angular's most popular best practices guide. It also generates companion tests and gives you a gulp build/test process. It even documents best practices that are being employed when generating a snippet (see below). Most Angular tutorials teach very bad patterns for creating larger Angular applications. Eventually, most devs hit a wall before realizing everybody else has abandoned the practices their tutorials once endorsed.

thebestmotherfuckingwebsite - The title says it all.

  •    HTML

You need npm (Node Package Manager) and gulp To install gulp, using npm, do the following: npm install -g gulp. To install the project dependencies npm install, to build the project do gulp, a new folder named dist will be created, with the website's files.

ocss - :art: a CSS preprocessor that restricts you to use best practices

  •    Javascript

A CSS preprocessor that restricts you to use best practices. Its goal is to make it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing. OCSS is intended for large scale web products, but it can also help to keep clean CSS in smaller projects. Its philosophy is to build pages/views out of multiple CSS objects that are independent of each other.

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