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BenchmarkDotNet - Powerful .NET library for benchmarking

  •    CSharp

BenchmarkDotNet is a powerful .NET library for benchmarking.Benchmarking is really hard (especially microbenchmarking), you can easily make a mistake during performance measurements. BenchmarkDotNet will protect you from the common pitfalls (even for experienced developers) because it does all the dirty work for you: it generates an isolated project per each benchmark method, does several launches of this project, run multiple iterations of the method (include warm-up), and so on. Usually, you even shouldn't care about a number of iterations because BenchmarkDotNet chooses it automatically to achieve the requested level of precision.

cleverhans - An adversarial example library for constructing attacks, building defenses, and benchmarking both

  •    Python

This repository contains the source code for CleverHans, a Python library to benchmark machine learning systems' vulnerability to adversarial examples. You can learn more about such vulnerabilities on the accompanying blog. The CleverHans library is under continual development, always welcoming contributions of the latest attacks and defenses. In particular, we always welcome help towards resolving the issues currently open.

Vegeta - HTTP load testing tool and library.

  •    Go

Vegeta is a versatile HTTP load testing tool built out of a need to drill HTTP services with a constant request rate. It can be used both as a command line utility and a library.Get them here.

phpbench - PHP Benchmarking framework

  •    PHP

PhpBench is a benchmarking framework for PHP. You can install PHPBench either as as a PHAR or as a project dependency.

locust - Scalable user load testing tool written in Python

  •    Python

Locust is an easy-to-use, distributed, user load testing tool. It is intended for load-testing web sites (or other systems) and figuring out how many concurrent users a system can handle. The idea is that during a test, a swarm of locusts will attack your website. The behavior of each locust (or test user if you will) is defined by you and the swarming process is monitored from a web UI in real-time. This will help you battle test and identify bottlenecks in your code before letting real users in.

MangoHud - A Vulkan and OpenGL overlay for monitoring FPS, temperatures, CPU/GPU load and more

  •    C

A Vulkan and OpenGL overlay for monitoring FPS, temperatures, CPU/GPU load and more. Once done, proceed to the installation.

likwid - Performance monitoring and benchmarking suite

  •    C

Likwid is a simple to install and use toolsuite of command line applications for performance oriented programmers. It works for Intel and AMD processors on the Linux operating system.For further information please take a look at the Wiki.

bombardier - Fast cross-platform HTTP benchmarking tool written in Go

  •    Go

bombardier is a HTTP(S) benchmarking tool. It is written in Go programming language and uses excellent fasthttp instead of Go's default http library, because of its lightning fast performance.With bombardier v1.1 and higher you can now use net/http client if you need to test HTTP/2.x services or want to use a more RFC-compliant HTTP client.

benchee - Easy and extensible benchmarking in Elixir providing you with lots of statistics!

  •    Elixir

Benchee runs each of your functions for a given amount of time after an initial warmup. It then shows different statistical values like average, iterations per second and the standard deviation. In addition, you can optionally output an extended set of statistics.

sympact - 🔥 Simple stupid CPU/MEM "Profiler" for your JS code.

  •    Javascript

🔥 An easy way to calculate the 'impact' of running a task in Node.JS Coded with ❤️ by Simone Primarosa. Sympact runs a script and profiles its execution time, CPU usage, and memory usage. Sympact then returns an execution report containing the averages of the results.

bench-rest - bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's

  •    Javascript

bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. Node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API' using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.

hrm-solutions - Human Resource Machine solutions and size/speed hacks

  •    Assembly

This repo contains working solutions, in hopes of exchanging ideas to collaboratively come up with the most/size.speed optimized solutions (or simply to help those out there who are stuck). Even though the programs are created through a drag-and-drop interface within the game, copy/paste from/to the clipboard works as assembly source code seen in this repo. Top Scores and more info.

pytest-benchmark - py.test fixture for benchmarking code

  •    Python

A py.test fixture for benchmarking code. It will group the tests into rounds that are calibrated to the chosen timer. See calibration and FAQ. For latest release: pytest-benchmark.readthedocs.org/en/stable.

nonius - A C++ micro-benchmarking framework

  •    C++

Nonius is an open-source framework for benchmarking small snippets of C++ code. It is very heavily inspired by Criterion, a similar Haskell-based tool. It runs your code, measures the time it takes to run, and then performs some statistical analysis on those measurements. The library is header-only so you don’t have to build it. It comes as a single header that you can drop somewhere and #include it in your code. Grab that header from the releases page.

sqlbench - sqlbench measures and compares the execution time of one or more SQL queries.

  •    Go

sqlbench measures and compares the execution time of one or more SQL queries. The main use case is benchmarking simple CPU-bound query variants against each other during local development.

tufte - Simple profiling and performance monitoring for Clojure/Script

  •    Clojure

Charles Joseph Minard's Carte Figurative, one of Edward Tufte's favourite examples of good data visualization.Tufte will record the execution times of these p forms whenever profiling is active.

redbench - Benchmarking for custom Redis commands and modules

  •    Go

Redbench is a Go package that allows for bootstrapping benchmarks for servers using a custom implementation of the Redis protocol. It provides the same inputs and outputs as the redis-benchmark tool.The purpose of this library is to provide benchmarking for Redcon compatible servers such as Tile38, but also works well for Redis operations that are not covered by the redis-benchmark tool such as the GEO* commands, custom lua scripts, or Redis Modules.

sklearn-benchmarks - A centralized repository to report scikit-learn model performance across a variety of parameter settings and data sets

  •    Jupyter

A centralized repository to report scikit-learn model performance across a variety of parameter settings and datasets.Please refer to PMLB to gain access to the curated datasets from this study. PMLB provides an easy-to-use Python interface to download the datasets.

rabbitmq-perf-test - A load testing tool

  •    Javascript

A Java-based performance testing tool for RabbitMQ.

dana - Test/benchmark regression and comparison system with dashboard

  •    Javascript

See Principes documentation to understand key concepts of Dana.Dana provides some APIs to add builds, series and samples. APIs are accessible using POST http requests or using a node client using WebSockets. See APIs documentation for details.

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