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bemify - Sass Mixins to write BEM-style SCSS source

  •    HTML

Bemify is a set of Sass mixins to help you write well-structured, readable, maintainable, component-based modular SCSS source using a BEM-style syntax. Bemify supports libsass since libsass 3.2.4.

core - Our Front-end baseplate, from mobile to desktop

  •    CSS

The Engage Interactive website baseplate. We've all played with the latest baseplate/boilerplate/bootstrap but were never truly happy with them. We've produced somewhat of a halfway house between the HTML5 Boilerplate and something like Foundation. It contains the usual basics, plus some really useful core files and project settings.

bem-react-core - Core library for developing with React-like libs and BEM methodology

  •    Javascript

It is a library for declaration React components as BEM entities. It works on top of usual React-components and provides API for declaration of blocks, elements and their modifiers. Blocks and elements created with this library are fully compatible with any React components: blocks and elements can use any other React components inside and can be used inside other React components. If you already use i-bem.js and you want to get benefits from React approach and not to lose usual BEM terms and declarative style.

cn-decorator - Best way to use BEM with React

  •    Javascript

cn decorator provides simplest ability to generate BEM methodology classes inside React Component. cn decorator provides system for themes managements. You can setup your themes using cn.create factory. cn decorator uses first theme as default.

scss-vars-loader - SCSS variables for BEM-blocks

  •    Javascript

Webpack loader that injects $b variable declaration to the processed files with the name of the current BEM block as a value. When we develop web apps we use BEM on filesystem. Sometimes blocks become too huge to handle them easily, and when you suddenly need to rename one, you have to rewrite the name in every file. To make it a bit easier we decided to unify block name in SCSS files by $b variable.

style-guide - :art: Brainly Front-End Style Guide

  •    Javascript

This project is a living style guide of all basic front-end components used at Brainly. All components can be used in both HTML and JSX. In both cases you have to include main CSS file, as described on the main docs page, in the head section of your page. In case of HTML, you just have to follow style-guide markup which you can easily copy by clicking on any component in the docs. If you prefer to use React instead, you'll have to add this repository as a dependency in package.json and import components into your JSX file.

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