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lettuce - Cucumber-ish BDD for python

  •    Python

Lettuce release names will be inspired by any green stuff. Lettuce is a BDD tool for python, 100% inspired on cucumber.

gauge - Light weight cross-platform test automation

  •    Go

Gauge is a light weight cross-platform test automation tool. It provides the ability to author test cases in the business language. Read more about Why Gauge can be used, its terminologies and get started...

behave - Demoiselle Behave

  •    Java

A liberação de versões deste componente deve ser feita a partir deste build, que fará automaticamente o build de todos os artefatos com versionamento sincronizado. Jamais gere uma versão deste componente sem utilizar este build.

JGiven - Behavior-Driven Development in plain Java

  •    Java

JGiven is a developer-friendly and pragmatic BDD tool for Java. Developers write scenarios in plain Java using a fluent, domain-specific API, JGiven generates reports that are readable by domain experts. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a development method where business analysts, developers, and testers describe the behavior of a software product in a common language and notation. Behavior is typically described in terms of scenarios, which are written in the Given-When-Then notation. The common language and notation is one cornerstone of BDD. The other cornerstone is that the defined scenarios are executable, form a comprehensive test suite, and a living documentation for the software product.

Android-Cucumber-BDD-Sample - A sample project that has most of the tests and code written in a Behaviour Driven Development style, using the Cucumber framework

  •    Java

This is a sample Android app that has BDD-style tests made using the Cucumber framework. The app acts like a library book search, allowing you to search for books by title, author or year. Cucumber is a BDD testing framework that allows people without programming background write specifications that can be translated to unit test requirements almost automatically.

scenari - Clojure BDD library - Executable Specification with Behavior-Driven Development

  •    Clojure

Scenari is an Executable Specification Clojure library aimed at writing and executing usage scenarios following the Behavior-Driven Development - BDD - style. It has an external DSL, following the gherkin grammar (in short: Given/When/Then), and execute each scenario's steps with associated Clojure code. This library was previously named "Spexec" (https://github.com/zenmodeler/spexec) and under the org name of a side project I closed recently, I moved it under my personal github id and renamed it to "Scenari" because of Clojure Spec and the confusion it can generates with such close names.

testcase - testcase is an opinionated behavior-driven-testing library

  •    Go

The package considered stable and no changes expected to the package exported API. The main documentation is kept in the GoDoc, and this README serves only as a high level introduction.

Jasper - An asynchronous behavior-driven development framework.

  •    Python

An asynchronous behavior-driven development framework. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a form of test-driven development where the tests describe the behaviours of an application, and typically these behaviours are described in plain English sentences. BDD allows tests to be written in a highly composable, understandable, and easy to read way.

quick-example-of-testing-in-nodejs - 🛡 An example TDD project in Node

  •    Javascript

The project is a very simple script that pulls current weather data from OpenWeatherMap for your location, it then analyses it and lists which items (umbrella, icecream, jumper...) you will need for the current weather.

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