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toolkit - User interface components built on React.

  •    Javascript

Titon Toolkit is a collection of very powerful user interface components built on React. Components in Titon follow the presentational paradigm, which provide full control of how, where, and why components are rendered. Functionality within a component, like jumping to the next slide in a carousel, or toggling a menu, is possible through contexts -- a type of public API.


  •    Javascript

This plugin is currently being rewritten. If you are looking for the old version, look at the 1.1.1 tag. Live Query has been rewritten in version 2 to utilize DOM Mutation Observers or fallback to DOM Mutation Events. This covers a nice range of modern browsers and IE9 up. If you need to support less than IE9 then it will fallback to using behaviors to be notified of added and removed elements. This requires setting the $.livequery.htcPath so that it can load the included behavior file.

bash-completion - Programmable completion functions for bash

  •    Shell

The easiest way to install this software is to use a package; it is available in many operating system distributions, some examples are listed below. The package's name is usually bash-completion. These commands install the completions and helpers, as well as a profile.d script that loads bash_completion where appropriate.

Touch - Multi-Touch Behaviors for Silverlight 3 and WPF 3.5SP1


The APIs in WPF4 plus the Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch make building common touch scenarios easy. However, implementing many of the same touch scenarios using WPF3.5SP1 or Silverlight 3/4 involves writing a fair bit more code. We're here to help!


  •    DotNet

A small .NET 4.0 library to enable behaviour driven testing with one of the many unit test frameworks available for .NET.


  •    Silverlight

This C# Silverlight 3 ResizeDragBehavior is a simpel implementation of resizing columns left, right, above or under a workingspace. It allows you to drag a UIElement which expands another UIElement in either heigth or width.

Email Behavior Analyzer


The application presents statistics based on people with whom a user has corresponded or from whom he or she has received emails.



Behaviorize is a framework for BDD style testing and behavior verification.

Temporal-Wars XNA Indie Game Engine


Temporal Wars 3D Engine includes a full suite of WYSIWG tools designed for rapid creation of your game world. Created for myself (Ben), now available for FREE.

Brainiac Designer


Brainiac Designer is an open-source visual behaviour tree editor. It allows you to build behaviour trees by using simply drag&drop. The editor supports plugins, exporters and stores behaviours as XML files.

WPF Behavior Library

  •    WPF

WPF Behavior Library is a set of additional actions for WPF that allow you to add extra behaviors to a control quickly and easily. Currently the only behavior is Drag & Drop but more are planned. Help, comments, and feedback are welcome.

smart-mixin - create mixin policies for specific uses

  •    Javascript

Mixins with smart merging strategies and errors over silent failure. Nothing too crazy, this was mostly built for use in react-class-mixins, but hopefully is useful to other people. I'll be adding more test coverage (the mixin.FN apis are fully tested, but not the actual mixin function). Any bug reports will be fixed ASAP.

gavel-spec - Behavior specification for Gavel, validator of HTTP transactions

  •    Gherkin

Gavel detects important differences between actual and expected HTTP transactions (HTTP request and response pairs). Gavel also decides whether the actual HTTP transaction is valid or not. Examples are made in raw HTTP to focus on implementation independence.

behavior - Auto-instantiates widgets/classes based on parsed, declarative HTML.

  •    Javascript

Auto-instantiates widgets/classes based on parsed, declarative HTML. Each page of the site or app is esoteric. It may have any combination of interactive elements, some of which interact with each other (for example, a form validation controller might interact with an ajax controller to prevent it sending a form that isn't valid). Typically this "glue" code exists in a domready statement. It says, get this form and instantiate that class with these options. This code is brittle; if you change either the DOM or the code the state breaks easily. It's not reusable, it only works for a specific page state. It can easily get out of hand.

Watai - Integration testing for the web of components

  •    Javascript

Watai (Web Application Testing Automation Infrastructure) is a declarative web integration testing framework. It is both a test runner engine and a set of architectural patterns that help front-end ops-conscious developers write maintainable and solid end-to-end tests. These tests automate web application navigation through actual browsers, checking whether such interactions present the expected information to the end users along the way, including through asynchronous operations.

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