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cordova-plugin-ibeacon - An iBeacon plugin for Phonegap / Cordova 3

  •    Javascript

The plugin's API closely mimics the one exposed through the CLLocationManager introduced in iOS 7. Since version 2, the main IBeacon facade of the DOM is called LocationManager and it's API is based on promises instead of callbacks. Another important change of version 2 is that it no longer pollutes the global namespace, instead all the model classes and utilities are accessible through the cordova.plugins.locationManager reference chain.

monitor - Distributed advertisement-based BTLE presence detection reported via mqtt

  •    Shell

TL;DR: Passive Bluetooth presence detection of beacons, cell phones, and other Bluetooth devices. Useful for mqtt-based home automation, especially when the script runs on multiple devices, distributed throughout a property. Image raspbian lite stretch to SD card. Instructions here.

Wi-PWN - ESP8266 Deauther ​with a material design WebUI 📶

  •    C

Wi-PWN is a firmware that performs deauth attacks on cheap Arduino boards. The ESP8266 is a cheap micro controller with built-in Wi-Fi. It contains a powerful 160 MHz processor and it can be programmed using Arduino. A deauthentication attack is often confused with Wi-Fi jamming, as they both block users from accessing Wi-Fi networks.

react-native-ibeacon - :satellite: iBeacon support for React Native

  •    Objective-C

iBeacon support for React Native. The API is very similar to the CoreLocation Objective-C one with the only major difference that regions are plain JavaScript objects. Beacons don't work in the iOS simulator. This module supports all iBeacon-compatible devices. Personally, I had the best experience with Estimote beacons, but all devices that support the iBeacon specification should work.

room-assistant - A companion client for Home Assistant to handle sensors in multiple rooms.

  •    Javascript

room-assistant is a simple Node.js server for tracking presence and other things on a per-room basis. It pairs well with the mqtt_room component of Home Assistant. Upgrading from room-assistant 0.x? Please review the upgrade guide.

ibeacon-client - An ibeacon client sample.

  •    Objective-C

An ibeacon client sample.

react-native-alt-beacon - A work-in-progress lib to work with AltBeacon and React Native.

  •    Javascript

A lib to work with AltBeacon and React Native. You need a valid Bluetooth 4.0 device to run it. No donuts for you. I can't make a functional iOs version.

angular-performance - Directives for measuring and reporting perceived page performance

  •    Javascript

In a traditional page, measuring the page performance is quite easy; a request is made, the server responds with some HTML and the browser renders it. Done. A lot of the rendering logic is taken care of as part of the server processing and so looking at Window Load and DOMContentReady are good indicators of page performance.

react-native-estimote - React Native extensions for the Estimote iOS SDK

  •    Objective-C

Next see the react native linking guide for visual instructions, but you need to open your project and from node_modules/react-native-estimote drag RNEstimote.xcodeproj into your project file browser. Next navigate to your top level project and for your main target, click Build Phases and drag the libRNEstimote.a product into the Link Binary With Libraries section. Then click the + button at the bottom to add CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation and SystemConfiguration Frameworks.

react-native-discovery - Discover nearby devices using BLE.

  •    Objective-C

Discover nearby devices using BLE. Discovery is a very simple but useful library for discovering nearby devices with BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) and for exchanging a value (kind of ID or username determined by you on the running app on peer device) regardless of whether the app on peer device works at foreground or background state.

eddystone-url-calculator - This a javascript single page app that generates the Linux commands for broadcasting a URL as a Eddystone URL beacon

  •    Javascript

This a javascript single page app that generates the Linux commands for broadcasting a URL as a Eddystone URL beacon. See DEPENDENCIES.adoc.

javascript-beacon-library - A JavaScript library for broadcasting Beacon advertisements

  •    Javascript

NOTE Currently only the Chrome OS platform is supported. For more information on the beaconLayout check out this page from the Android Beacon Library docs.

poet - Post-exploitation tool

  •    Python

A simple POst-Exploitation Tool. This is just a small sample of what Poet can do.

CustomArkLootDrops - Improved, yet not overpowered, sky beacon loot drops for ARK: Survival Evolved

  •    PowerShell

Improved and re-balanced default world beacons for hosted ARK: Survival Evolved servers. The goal with this drop rework is to improve the World Sky Beacons crates in ARK: Survival Evolved and focus on balancing for what would really make sense while making sure they are not too overpowered.

ng-cordova-beacon - AngularJS wrapper for the Apache Cordova iBeacon plugin

  •    Javascript

Wrap the cordova-plugin-ibeacon by Peter Metz in AngularJS code so it can be used more easily in AngularJS mobile applications.

beacons - Flutter beacons plugin for Android and iOS.

  •    Dart

Flutter plugin to work with beacons. Supports Android API 16+ and iOS 8+. Note: The plugin is written in Swift for iOS. There is a known issue for integrating swift plugin into Flutter project using the Objective-C template. Follow the instructions from Flutter#16049 to resolve the issue (Cocoapods 1.5+ is mandatory).

lateration - Node module for calculating a position using distances from points. (Lateration)

  •    Javascript

A simple (?) solution to the fairly common problem of lateration. You've got three or more beacons, their distances to your device and you want to calculate the device's position.