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GoConvey - Go testing in the browser. Integrates with go test. Write behavioral tests in Go.

  •    Go

GoConvey is a yummy Go testing tool for gophers. Works with go test. Use it in the terminal or browser according to your viewing pleasure.

specta - A light-weight TDD / BDD framework for Objective-C & Cocoa

  •    Objective-C

A light-weight TDD / BDD framework for Objective-C. Standard XCTest matchers such as XCTAssertEqualObjects and XCTAssertNil work, but you probably want to add a nicer matcher framework - Expecta to your setup. Or if you really prefer, OCHamcrest works fine too. Also, add a mocking framework: OCMock.

Pester - Pester is the ubiquitous test and mock framework for PowerShell.

  •    PowerShell

Pester is the ubiquitous test and mock framework for PowerShell. This code example lies a tiny bit, find it annotated and production ready here.

common - A monorepo of common components - building blocks for implementing Cucumber in various languages

  •    Java

Most of these modules have implemnentations in multiple langages, and use shared test suites to ensure behaviour is consistent. See the contributing guide for more details.

pyspecs - Minimalistic BDD in Python

  •    Python

pyspecs is a testing framework that strives to achieve more readable specifications (tests) by leveraging some fancy syntactic sugar and auto-discovery of tests/specs. WARNING: version 2.0 introduces breaking changes if you've been using 1.0 or 1.1. or...

kheera-testrunner-android - BDD Framework for Android

  •    Java

Kheera is a BDD Framework, especially design for Android application development workflows. It's designed to be fast, small and completely compatible with Android Test Kit, Espresso 3, UIAutomator etc. Android Test Support Library: Builds on top of the newest Android Test Support Library and AndroidJUnitRunner. Kheera tests will run alongside existing Instrumentation, Espresso or JUnit based tests in your solution. You can gradually rewrite tests in BDD as you go.

Chorus - The Chorus BDD interpreter - Executable specifications for distributed systems

  •    Java

Conventional BDD tools require you to provide step definitions locally. This is possible with Chorus too. However, the Chorus interpreter also allows you to publish step definitions over the network from your components or microservices under test. When the interpreter runs it can connect to your components, find the step definitons and execute them.

testcase - testcase is an opinionated behavior-driven-testing library

  •    Go

The package considered stable and no changes expected to the package exported API. The main documentation is kept in the GoDoc, and this README serves only as a high level introduction.

protractor-cucumber-serenity-typescript-starter - :snowman: Protractor cucumber boilerplate with serenity reporting with extensive react support

  •    TypeScript

Please Install all the VS code plugins recommended in Project settings (.vscode > extensions.json). Once you open the starter project in your VS Code for the first time, wizard will show you the recommended extensions. Click "Install All" and once the installation is successful, restart VS Code IDE.

overhave - Web-framework for BDD: scalable, configurable, easy to use, based on Flask Admin and Pydantic

  •    Javascript

Overhave is the web-framework for BDD: scalable, configurable, easy to use, based on Flask Admin and Pydantic. gives an interface for features records management and provides info about id, name author, time, editor and publishing status; it is possible to search, edit or delete items through Script panel.

fix - Specing framework.

  •    Ruby

⚠️ This project is still in the experimental phase. May be used at your own risk.

r_spec-clone.rb - A minimalist RSpec clone with all the essentials.

  •    Ruby

A minimalist RSpec clone with all the essentials. RSpec clone provides a structure for writing executable examples of how your code should behave.

gogiven - gogiven - BDD testing framework for go that generates readable output directly from source code

  •    Go

An alternative BDD spec framework for go. Builds on "go test" tool and builds on the go testing package. Inspired by YATSPEC. Another similar idea is JGiven, although both are Java based.

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