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stats - macOS system monitor in your menu bar

  •    Swift

You can download the latest version here. This will download a file called Stats.dmg. Open it and move the app to the application folder. Stats currently supported on macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and higher.

open-sustainable-technology - Listing of worldwide open technology projects preserving a stable climate, energy supply and vital natural resources


A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, and vital natural resources. Our ambition is to list all sustainable, open and actively maintained sustainable technology projects worldwide. Your contribution is necessary to keep this list alive, increase the quality and to expand it. Read more about its origin and how you can participate in the contribution guide, community chat, presentation slides and related blog post. Please contact us to give feedback, hints and ideas for OpenSustain.tech or create an issue.

auto-cpufreq - Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux

  •    Python

Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux based on active monitoring of laptop's battery state, CPU usage, CPU temperature and system load. Ultimately allowing you to improve battery life without making any compromises. One of the problems with Linux today on laptops is that CPU will run in unoptimized manner which will negatively reflect on battery life. For example, CPU will run using "performance" governor with turbo boost enabled regardless if it's plugged in to power or not.

Juice - Make your battery information a bit more interesting.

  •    Swift

Make your battery information a bit more interesting by making your own measurement scale instead of a boring battery indicator. Going a step further, I wanted to define a format that would allow for people to create their own scales! Which you can now do, but it's strings only for the time being.

AssistantKit - Easy way to detect iOS device properties, OS versions and work with screen sizes

  •    Swift

You can check the exact device version with next code. All possible values of version can be found in the Version enum, located in the Version.swift file. Detecting screen size can be detected with next code. All possible values could be found in the Screen enum, located in Screen.swift.

iGlance - MacOS system monitor for the status bar. See all system information at a glance.

  •    Swift

iGlance is a small System Monitor that displays current stats about your Mac on the status bar. It is built to be highly customizable so that everyone can adjust it to his/her needs. A full list of all the features is below. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for new features, feel free to write them down in the Issues tab. Download the iGlance.dmg from https://github.com/iglance/iGlance/releases and manually move the app into the applications folder.


  •    Java

Util to show battery status and cpu speed on laptop. Uses jWMI's for interfacing with Windows' WMI.


  •    CSharp

BatterySaver is a simple application, in C#, that allows laptop users to perform actions based on battery notification events (AC<=>DC). BatterySaver allows you to control devices, services and processes to reduce battery consumption. This is especially useful for netbooks.


  •    CSharp

A application that can provide detailed information about computer hardware.

battery - cross-platform, normalized battery information library

  •    Go

Cross-platform, normalized battery information library.Gives access to a system independent, typed battery state, capacity, charge and voltage values recalculated as necessary to be returned in mW, mWh or V units.

linux-battery - Get info about your battery in Linux

  •    Javascript

Get info about your battery in Linux

cordova-plugin-battery-status - Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin battery-status

  •    Javascript

Applications may use window.addEventListener to attach an event listener for any of the above events after the deviceready event fires.Fires when the battery charge percentage changes by at least 1 percent, or when the device is plugged in or unplugged. Returns an object containing battery status.

node-drone-video - Dump AR

  •    Javascript

Save down AR.Drone video streams to your filesystem with associated navdata video streams. Splicing and editing the raw stream and navdata stream is left up to you to do in Final Cut or whatever your preferred video editor is.Once installation is complete, you can begin recording video output from the AR.Drone. First connect to your drone's WiFi hotspot (for example: ardrone2_058438).

rpi-battery-monitor - Monitor battery voltage from a Raspberry Pi

  •    Rust

This project monitors the voltage and, indirectly, charge status of a 12 volt lead-acid battery, e.g. a car starter battery or a marine deep-cycle battery. The voltage readings are sent to a Raspberry Pi where you can plot them, set up alerts, send them over the network or do anything else you want. This sort of thing has been done many times before, but you might find my approach interesting. The load is just whatever you're powering from the battery. In my case I'm powering the RPi itself from the battery, through a car-style USB power adapter. But that's not essential to the operation of the circuit, as long as all the grounds are tied together.

Power - Python module that allows you to get power and battery status of the system

  •    Python

Crossplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD) python module to access power capabilities of the system.

BatteryView - Simple battery shaped UIView

  •    Swift

Simple battery shaped UIView. Copy Sources/* to your Xcode project.

battstat - 🔋 CLI battery status indicator for macOS, Linux, and OpenBSD ⚡

  •    Shell

battstat is a shell script that displays formatted information about the status of your battery. Information is displayed in the order the format tokens are written. For example, the screenshots below show my tmux status line running the command battstat --percent-when-charged {i} {t} {p}. This will display an icon, the time remaining when charging and discharging, and finally the percentage but only when the battery is fully charged. Format tokens can be written in any order and as many times as you like.

blueshift - An extensible and highly configurable alternative to redshift

  •    Python

Blueshift is a bit broken in newer versions of X. If Blueshift is not working in X for you, you may need to change i_size = 2 ** 8 in sr/curves.py to i_size = 2 ** 10. However, this will break Blueshift in the TTY, so may want to change it to 2 ** 10 conditionally. A proper fix is on its way. If anyone have a multi-graphics card setup, testing of multiple graphics cards with DRM (in Linux TTY) is required.

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