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batch-loader - :zap: Powerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries

  •    Ruby

This gem provides a generic lazy batching mechanism to avoid N+1 DB queries, HTTP queries, etc. As we can see, batching is isolated and described right in a place where it's needed.

redux-batched-subscribe - store enhancer for https://github

  •    Javascript

Store enhancer for redux which allows batching of subscribe notifications that occur as a result of dispatches. The batchedSubscribe store enhancer accepts a function which is called after every dispatch with a notify callback as a single argument. Calling the notify callback will trigger all the subscription handlers, this gives you the ability to use various techniques to delay subscription notifications such as: debouncing, React batched updates or requestAnimationFrame.

Rezoom - Implements a resumption monad for

  •    F#

Rezoom is a library intended to reduce the pain of dealing with data that lives across a latency boundary. Common examples of this nightmare include SQL databases, NoSQL databases, and web APIs.

jfleet - JFleet persist to database large collections of Java POJOs using alternate persistence methods from JDBC

  •    Java

JFleet is a Java library which persist in database large collections of Java POJOs as fast as possible, using the best available technique in each database provider, achieving it with alternate persistence methods from each JDBC driver implementation. Its goal is to store a large amount of information in a single table using available batch persistence techniques.

influxdb-cpp-rest - Simple C++ InfluxDB client via MS C++ REST SDK + RxCpp for batching (Windows/OSX/Linux) + a C wrapper

  •    Makefile

A naive C++(14) InfluxDB client via C++ REST SDK + a C wrapper of the asynchronous API as a shared library. See the demo source for the current api example.

batchman - This library for Android will take any set of events and batch them up before sending it to the server

  •    Java

BatchMan (short for batch manager) is an android library implementation responsible for batching of events based on the configurations done by the client, and giving the batch back to the client. The library has been written in a more flexible way, so that the client can plugin his own implementations for batching.

graphql-autharoo - Authorization helpers for graphql resolvers

  •    Javascript

Authorization helpers for graphql resolvers. This library will help you handle contextual authorization needs in your graphql queries, mutations, type and batch resolvers. At its core, it provides multiplexing and filtering capabilities for resolving data based on the request, context, and permissions.

collectable - High-performance immutable data structures for modern JavaScript and TypeScript applications

  •    TypeScript

Note: This library is an ongoing work in progress. The data structures mentioned below are all working nicely, but will probably have additional methods introduced as time goes on, and there may be some breaking changes in future versions when work commences to iron out API inconsistencies between data structures. Documentation is also somewhat lacking and out of date, but take a look at the functions folder for each data structure package, which is almost as good as actual documentation, due to the one-operation-per-file policy, and the comprehensive TypeScript annotations. See the road map for information on further development and plans for additional features and data structures.

gobatch - Batch processing library for Golang.

  •    Go

GoBatch is a batch processing library for Go. The data reader and processor are implementations of batch.Source and batch.Processor, respectively. The actual data input and the processing of a batch of items is done by the user, while the batch.Batch structure provided by the GoBatch library handles the rest of the pipeline. Typical usage of GoBatch is when reading or writing to a remote database or Redis. By batching together multiple calls, fewer connections are made and network traffic is reduced.

graphql-batching-helpers - 📊 GraphQL Batching Helpers for Creating & Deleting

  •    Javascript

📊 GraphQL Batching Helpers for Creating & Deleting

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