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lwip - Light Weight Image Processor for NodeJS

This module provides comprehensive, fast, and simple image processing and manipulation capabilities.There are no external runtime dependencies, which means you don't have to install anything else on your system.

onyx - Distributed, masterless, high performance, fault tolerant data processing

Changelog can be found at changes.md.A searchable set of documentation for the Onyx data model is available.

graphql-batch - A query batching executor for the graphql gem

Provides an executor for the graphql gem which allows queries to be batched.Define a custom loader, which is initialized with arguments that are used for grouping and a perform method for performing the batch load.

BizTalk application batch exporter/importer

Tools to create batch files for exporting/importing BizTalk applications in bulk. It can also be used to make full backups of the environment.


SharpF2 use the power of regular expression to rename a collection (batch) of files. Extract sub-strings from file names using REGEX. These sub-strings can be formatted and use to build the final file names.

suidtool - Batch Matroska Segment UID Reader/Editor

A simple tool/frontend to the mkvtoolnix package to read and/or edit segment UIDs of Matroska files.

bGui - User Interfaces in Batch

A small project for allowing basic user interface creation in batch. Still under strict development, see documentation for current functionality.

SharePoint 2010 Batch Edit

Bulk & Batch updating list & document properties in SharePoint 2010. This ribbon custom action makes it possible to update multiple items with Managed Metadata properties, Enterprise Keywords, people picker, and many more.

HTML Batch Logger

This is a simple Log class that can be used in any .NET C# Console Application. You can use it to log into an HTML file, console window, or database.

X3ME Systems

MixSoft is an application who open batch Operating Systems with one command!

WPF - Automate Acrobat Security Policy

This WPF Tool was created to quickly password protect batches of PDF documents, using a random generator to generate the passwords.

WSS File Uploader - Intranoggin

Console Application for uploading files to a SharePoint library. Can be called from the command line to upload files from a batch script. Works with WSS 3.0

Batch Scheduler using .Net 4, MEF and Entity framework 4.1 (Magic Unicorn)

Simple Batch Architecture written on C#. Uses the .NET 4, MEF and Entity Framework 4.1 Code First. If you dont need a scheduler, just use the sample code. Agents can be scheduled through a central database table. Plug-ins (or jobs) are launched through MEF.


The component provides us to print any document from any printer using full managed code. Supports commonly known file types.

Simple Password Generator Library

The password generator library, written in C#, is a simple assembly which allow generation of passwords with length anywhere from 1-99.

C++ CSV Library

The C++ CSV Filter Library is a simple to use, easy to integrate and extremely efficient and fast CSV in-memory data store processing library. The CSV filter allows for the efficient evaluation of complex expressions on a per row basis upon the loaded CSV store.


YSCommander is fast, simple and easy Windows application commander. The application allows program and script (batch file) grouping and execution.

Panic Key Monitor

Panic Key Monitor is a program that monitors presence of usb flash drive with secret key. If flash drive is removed and no pin code was entered then Panic Key Monitor executes custom batch file. It is developed using VB.NET, Windows Services, WPF, WCF.