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node-agent-base - Turn a function into an `http.Agent` instance

  •    Javascript

This module provides an http.Agent generator. That is, you pass it an async callback function, and it returns a new http.Agent instance that will invoke the given callback function when sending outbound HTTP requests.Creates a base http.Agent that will execute the callback function callback for every HTTP request that it is used as the agent for. The callback function is responsible for creating a stream.Duplex instance of some kind that will be used as the underlying socket in the HTTP request.

nodejs-project-example - Repository containing the bare bones tools I use in most Node

  •    Javascript

This project uses Jest, ESlint with the AirBnb standard, and Prettier for testing, linting, and formatting. To build this project, simply run yarn build.

react-webpack-barebones-example - A minimalist, barebones example of how to setup a project with React + Webpack

  •    Javascript

This is a barebones, minimalist example of how to use React with webpack. Thanks to Thomas Deutsch's react-webpack repo which we pulled from as an example. This example repo is primarly for people who have existing projects. You can look and see what minimal files / settings are needed for integrating react and webpack into your project. If you're looking for a starter boiler plate for a new project I'd recommend either react-webpack for a simple starter or react-stater for a starter with all the possible bells & whistles.