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kubespray - Setup a kubernetes cluster

  •    Python

If you have questions, join us on the kubernetes slack, channel #kubespray.Note: Upstart/SysV init based OS types are not supported.

matchbox - Network boot and provision Container Linux clusters (e.g. etcd3, Kubernetes, more)

  •    Go

matchbox is a service that matches bare-metal machines (based on labels like MAC, UUID, etc.) to profiles that PXE boot and provision Container Linux clusters. Profiles specify the kernel/initrd, kernel arguments, iPXE config, GRUB config, Container Linux Config, or other configs a machine should use. Matchbox can be installed as a binary, RPM, container image, or deployed on a Kubernetes cluster and it provides an authenticated gRPC API for clients like Terraform.

typhoon - Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution

  •    HCL

Typhoon is a minimal and free Kubernetes distribution. Typhoon distributes upstream Kubernetes, architectural conventions, and cluster addons, much like a GNU/Linux distribution provides the Linux kernel and userspace components.

xargo - The sysroot manager that lets you build and customize `std`

  •    Rust

Xargo builds and manages "sysroots" (cf. rustc --print sysroot). Making it easy to cross compile Rust crates for targets that don't have binary releases of the standard crates, like the thumbv*m-none-eabi* targets. And it also lets you build a customized std crate, e.g. compiled with -C panic=abort, for your target. The rust-src component, which you can install with rustup component add rust-src.

metallb - A network load-balancer implementation for Kubernetes using BGP and ARP

  •    CSS

MetalLB is a load-balancer implementation for bare metal Kubernetes clusters, using standard routing protocols.Check out MetalLB's website for more information.

ferret - Ferret is a free software lisp implementation for real time embedded control systems.

  •    Makefile

Ferret is a free software lisp implementation designed to be used in real time embedded control systems. Ferret lisp compiles down to self contained C++11. Generated code is portable between any Operating System and/or Microcontroller that supports a C++11 compliant compiler. It has been verified to run on architectures ranging from embedded systems with as little as 2KB of RAM to general purpose computers running Linux/Mac OS X/Windows. A program that sums the first 5 positive numbers.

circle - A C++ bare metal environment for Raspberry Pi with USB

  •    C

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. If you read this file in an editor you should switch line wrapping on.

elfloader - ARMv7M ELF loader

  •    C

The goal of this project is provide a loader for ELF file format for ARMv7-M (thumb-2) architecture (Aka Cortex-M, Cortex-R in Thumb2 mode) over bare-metal or RTOS enviroment. This loader not required MMU or special OS support (only aligned memory alloc) and run with minimun memory overhead (only required parts of files is loaded in memory).

baresifter - A bare-metal x86 instruction set fuzzer a la Sandsifter

  •    C++

Baresifter is a 64-bit x86 instruction set fuzzer modeled after Sandsifter. In contrast to Sandsifter, Baresifter is intended to run bare-metal without any operating system. When loaded, the main fuzzing logic runs in ring0 as a tiny kernel. To safely execute arbitrary instructions, baresifter creates a single executable page in ring3 user space. For every instruction candidate, baresifter writes the instruction bytes to this user space page and attempts to execute it by exiting to user space. It follows the same algorithm as outlined in the original Sandsifter paper to find interesting instructions and guess instruction length.

terraform-provider-oci - Terraform provider for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  •    Go

The terraform provider has been renamed, see this wiki for information on migration steps. Oracle customers now have access to an enterprise class, developer friendly orchestration tool they can use to manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

oci-cli - Command Line Interface for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  •    Python

This is the command line interface for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The project is open source and maintained by Oracle Corp. The home page for the project is here.

gentoo-build - shell scripts that builds systemd based gentoo box for x86_64 platform

  •    Shell

shell scripts that builds systemd based gentoo box for x86_64 platform. packer build should be run in the repository root directory.

seedbox - Baremetal CoreOS cluster provisioner with web UI

  •    Python

Baremetal CoreOS cluster provisioner with web UI. Currently its primary goal is to boot CoreOS clusters using PXE without installation. But it easily can be extended to render kubernetes assets for different deployments. If you have already running Kubernetes cluster and want to provision another one, take a took at seedbox helm chart.

eulex - A straightforward standalone Forth implementation for x86.

  •    Forth

A straightforward standalone Forth implementation for x86.

gnu-eprog - Embedded Programming with the GNU Toolchain

  •    XSLT

This is a short tutorial on using the GNU toolchain for bare metal programming. The tutorial uses Qemu to simulate an ARM board, and provides instructions to test programs within the simulated machine. The following topics will be covered. The tutorial is written in asciidoc. The asciidoc source is converted to DocBook and then rendered to HTML.

cortex-m-rtfm - Real Time For the Masses (RTFM) framework for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers

  •    Rust

at your option. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

raspberry-pi - Raspberry Pi distribution of Alpha

  •    C

GDB offers the best embedded software development experience by allowing you to remotely load, debug and test your programs and hardware/software interfaces. It feels like native programming thanks to a similar smooth "Edit-Compile-Run" cycle. Alpha is a system-level GDB server (aka "gdbstub" and "gdb stubs") allowing you to dynamically debug anything running in your hardware target, from bare metal software to OS-backed programs, including their threads, the underlying drivers, etc. All with a single GDB session and without any JTAG probe.

pharos-cluster - The simple, solid, certified Kubernetes distribution that just works.

  •    Ruby

Pharos Cluster is a Kontena Pharos (Kubernetes distribution) management tool. It handles cluster bootstrapping, upgrades and other maintenance tasks via SSH connection and Kubernetes API access. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/kontena/pharos-cluster.

oneview-ansible - Ansible Modules and Sample Playbooks for HPE OneView

  •    Python

Modules to manage HPE OneView using Ansible playbooks. Each OneView resource operation is exposed through an Ansible module. We also provide a specific module to gather facts about the resource.

oneview-chef - Cookbook for configuring HPE OneView resources

  •    Ruby

Chef cookbook that provides resources for managing HPE OneView. This cookbook is not intended to include any recipes. Use it by creating a new cookbook and specifying a dependency on this cookbook in your metadata. Then use any of the resources provided by this cookbook.