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BizTalk Factory

Library to speed up the development of BizTalk Server applications that shifts the focus from graphical editors to fluent C# code wherever possible.

BAM Service Generator

BizTalk BAM Service Generator is a command line to generate .NET 4.0 WCF services for BizTalk BAM activities.

viral-ngs - Viral genomics analysis pipelines

A set of scripts and tools for the analysis of viral NGS data. More detailed documentation can be found at http://viral-ngs.readthedocs.org/ This includes installation instructions, usage instructions for the command line tools, and usage of the pipeline infrastructure.

hts-nim-tools - useful command-line tools written to show-case hts-nim

This repository contains a number of tools created with hts-nim intended to serve as examples for using hts-nim as well as to be useful tools. each of these is described in more detail below.