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Akaunting - Accounting Software built on Laravel

  •    PHP

Akaunting is a free and online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. Invoicing, accepting online payments and keeping track of expenses couldn't be simpler.

geoengineer - Infrastructure As Code

  •    Ruby

GeoEngineer provides a Ruby DSL and command line tool (geo) to codify then plan and execute changes to cloud resources.Instructions to install Terraform can be found here.

multitor - A tool that lets you create multiple TOR instances with a load-balancing traffic between them by HAProxy

  •    Shell

A tool that lets you create multiple TOR instances with a load-balancing traffic between them by HAProxy. It's provides one single endpoint for clients. Support socks protocol and http-proxy servers: polipo, privoxy and hpts. In addition, you can view previously running TOR processes and create a new identity for all or selected processes. Multitor was created with the aim of initialize many TOR processes as quickly as possible. I could use many instances for my daily use programs (web browsers, messangers and other). In addition, I was looking for a tool that would increase anonymity when conducting penetration tests and testing the security of infrastructure.

seneca-balance-client - seneca-balance-client

  •    Javascript

A Seneca.js transport plugin that provides various client-side load balancing strategies, and enables dynamic reconfiguration of client message routing.This module is a plugin for the Seneca framework. It provides a transport client that load balances outbound messages on a per-pattern basis.

seneca-mesh - Mesh your Seneca.js microservices together - no more service discovery!

  •    Javascript

This plugin allows you to wire up Seneca microservices using automatic meshing. It uses the SWIM gossip algorithm for automatic service discovery within the microservice network.To join the network, all a service has to do is contact one other service already in the network. The network then shares information about which services respond to which patterns. There is no need to configure the location of individual services anywhere.

node-loadbalance - A collection of distilled load balancing engines

  •    Javascript

This is a collection of load balancing engines in (what is hopefully) their most distilled form.The goal was to create a highly reusable implementation that imposes as little as possible on the user.

carbon - Middleware based proxy for cluster or table based routing.

  •    Javascript

Middleware based proxy for table or cluster based routing. Carbon support many types of middlware. The bundled middlware is specifically for different types of balancing techniques. You can find other middleware projects by following the links below.

chase-bank - Hacktastic way to get your data out of JP Morgan Chase

  •    Javascript

DEPRECATED: Banking.js and Banking.cs do work with chase so this isn't really needed anymore and trying to keep up with the changes to an internal api is a pita so I'm not planning to do it anymore. I'd also recommend looking at Plaid if your looking to get ahold of financial data. I've been looking for a way to get my info out of Chase for quite a while. I even tried paying for Direct OFX access @ $10 a month (WTF!). All to no avail. So I wrote this to take advantage of m.chase.com's use of a one page app (aka poor mans api) for iPhones.

BitcoinSneakPeek - Chrome extension to instantly see the balance of any Bitcoin address.

  •    Javascript

Google Chrome extension that allows you to quickly see the balance of Bitcoin addresses mentioned on web pages. This source code is released under the MIT License.

functional-red-black-tree - A purely functional red-black tree data structure

  •    Javascript

A fully persistent red-black tree written 100% in JavaScript. Works both in node.js and in the browser via browserify. Functional (or fully presistent) data structures allow for non-destructive updates. So if you insert an element into the tree, it returns a new tree with the inserted element rather than destructively updating the existing tree in place. Doing this requires using extra memory, and if one were naive it could cost as much as reallocating the entire tree. Instead, this data structure saves some memory by recycling references to previously allocated subtrees. This requires using only O(log(n)) additional memory per update instead of a full O(n) copy.

node-argv-split - Split argv(argument vector) and handle special cases.

  •    Javascript

Split argv(argument vector) and handle special cases, such as quoted or escaped values. Splits a string, and balance quoted parts. The usage is quite simple, see examples above.

gneiss - compositional data analysis and visualization toolbox

  •    Jupyter

gneiss is a compositional data analysis and visualization toolbox designed for analyzing high dimensional proportions. See here for API documentation. Note that gneiss is not compatible with python 2, and is compatible with Python 3.4 or later. gneiss is currently in alpha. We are actively developing it, and backward-incompatible interface changes may arise.

disbalance - disbalance - automagic load balancer

  •    Go

Warning: gopherjs currently can't build the 'console' application using Modules. See https://github.com/gopherjs/gopherjs/issues/881.

udp-balancer - Load balancer for UDP

  •    Javascript

Load balancer for UDP protocol. Whatever data you send to the udp-balancer is proxied to one of the specified servers using round-robin algorithm.

Xamarin-Plugins - Cross-platform Plugins for Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms and Windows

  •    CSharp

The home for cross-platform Windows and Xamarin plugins written by me (Adrian Stevens) along with amazing contributions from the community. Contributions are welcome! If you find a bug want a feature added please report it. If you want to contribute code please file an issue, create a branch, and file a pull request.

balance-crypto - 💰 Get wallet balance for 2000+ cryptocurrencies with a single function in Node

  •    TypeScript

Get wallet balance for 2000+ cryptocurrencies with a single function. The best way to support the project is to stake it on DEV. Note that you also get rewarded by staking, as well as the project author.

Balance-Bot - A two-wheel self-balancing robot based on the ATmega2560 micro-controller.

  •    C++

A two-wheel self-balancing robot, based on the ATmega2560 micro-controller, which uses a Cascaded PID control architecture. Four PID controllers are implemented to control the position, velocity, rotation (measured using Quadrature Encoders) and the tilt angle (measured using GY80 Sensor) of the robot.

resilient.js - Fault tolerant and reactive HTTP client for node.js and browsers

  •    Javascript

A reactive HTTP client for node.js and browsers designed for distributed systems, providing fault tolerance capabilities with transparent server fallback, dynamic server discovery (e.g: using Consul), request retry/backoff logic, optional client-side balancing based on empirical server latency and more... Provides a simple middleware-oriented programmatic API and featured command-line interface. It has been designed to be lightweight (just ~2K SLOC. 9KB gzipped) and dependency free.