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gobackup - 🗄 Simple tool for backup your databases, files to FTP / SCP / S3 storages.

  •    Go

Simple tool for backup your databases, files to cloud storages. GoBackup is a fullstack backup tool design for web servers similar with backup/backup, work with Crontab to backup automatically.

cassandra_snapshotter - A tool to backup cassandra nodes using snapshots and incremental backups on S3

  •    Python

The scope of this project is to make it easier to backup a cluster to S3 and to combine snapshots and incremental backups. Make sure you have JNA enabled and (if you want to use them) that incremental backups are enabled in your cassandra config file.

Arkiv - Backup and archive tool.

  •    Shell

Easy-to-use backup and archive tool. Arkiv is designed to backup local files and MySQL databases, and archive them on Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier. Backup files are removed (locally and from Amazon S3) after defined delays.

CosmicClone - Cosmic Clone is a utility that can backup\clone\restore a azure Cosmos database Collection

  •    CSharp

If validation of the entered details fails an appropriate message is displayed below the Test Connection button. If the access validation succeeds then the next screen shows various options for cloning of a collection.

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