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stock-analysis-engine - Backtest 1000s of minute-by-minute trading algorithms for training AI with automated pricing data from: IEX, Tradier and FinViz

  •    Jupyter

Build and tune investment algorithms for use with artificial intelligence (deep neural networks) with a distributed stack for running backtests using live pricing data on publicly traded companies with automated datafeeds from: IEX Cloud, Tradier and FinViz (includes: pricing, options, news, dividends, daily, intraday, screeners, statistics, financials, earnings, and more). This will pull Redis and Minio docker images.

MyOpenTrader - Complex-event based trading engine

  •    Java

MyOpenTrader is (yet another) a complex-event based open-source trading-engine. It is built from ground up as a parallel computing engine, which allows to do large scale parallel backtesting. It really helps if you have an active Interactive Broker Account and want to automate some of your trading.

gdax-ohlc-import - Import historical OHLC data from GDAX

  •    Python

This is a script that fetches all historical OHLC data from GDAX. The data has a 1-minute interval and can be used to carry out further in-depth analysis of market trends. All traded products (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC) will be imported into a local SQLite database. The import will begin from the earliest trading date (see below). The script can be invoked periodically (for example with a cronjob) to fetch the latest data. It will automatically resume from the latest saved date.

squant - SQuant是使用scala语言编写的量化开发工具箱,提供开箱即用的A股股票数据和外汇数据(docker镜像),以及高效的回测框架与交易模块。方便Java/Scala爱好者进行量化投资研究。 QQ群:281599099

  •    Scala

SQuant是使用scala语言编写的量化开发工具箱,提供开箱即用的A股股票数据和外汇数据(docker镜像),以及高效的回测框架与交易模块。方便Java/Scala爱好者进行量化投资研究。 QQ群:281599099

Gekko-BacktestTool - Batch backtest, import and strategy params optimalization for Gekko Trading Bot

  •    Perl

CLI tool that enhances the features of Gekko's Trading Bot. The tool performs a test with multiple pairs on a single run. Suppose you have a strategy that you want to test on more currency pairs. You enter all the pairs on which you want to test the strategy for the BacktestTool's configuration file. You start the application and everything happens automatically. You are just waiting for the results that appear on the screen. You will see how your strategy falls on other pairs, where it works the best, and where the worst. More detailed data is available in the .CSV file, which you can open in a spreadsheet or text editor. You can do the same with many strategies and CandleSize values. You can test all your strategies on eg BTC-USD pair and compare results, which will allow you to choose the best strategy you will use in live trade. The installation tutorial by bald123 can be found in the Wiki: Docker installation.

Gekko-Datasets - Gekko Trading Bot dataset dumps

  •    Perl

Ready to use Gekko trading bot SQLite dump files with history use to do backtests. Just copy downloaded file to the Gekko's history directory and you get for example: full history of Binance BTC pairs. The data is systematized in two ways: in order to improve Gekko's performance, full history data is divided into separate files sorted by exchange and currency pairs. Each database file contains all possible assets from a given exchange-currency. Second option: data for the last days (7, 14, 30, 60) have all possible currencies and assets from a given exchange in one db file.

alpaca-backtrader-api - Alpaca Trading API integrated with backtrader

  •    Python

alpaca-backtrader-api is a python library for the Alpaca trade API within backtrader framework. It allows rapid trading algo development easily, with support for the both REST and streaming interfaces. For details of each API behavior, please see the online API document. Note this module supports only python version 3.5 and above, due to the underlying library alpaca-trade-api.

devalpha-node - A stream-based approach to algorithmic trading and backtesting in Node.js

  •    TypeScript

DevAlpha is a Javascript framework for creating and running your own algorithmic trading systems. It is built using TypeScript, weighs in at a less than 1500 lines of code, and is speedy as hell. The internal architecture primarily consists of one big stream and a bunch of consumers. It is implemented using the excellent Highland streams library, and also makes use of some helper functions from Redux.

TAcharting - A charing application to download, plott and analyse securities, indicators, strategies and trading records

  •    Java

TAcharting is a charting application for downloading, store and plot financial org.sjwimmer.tacharting.data and indicators

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