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node-windows - Windows support for Node.JS scripts (daemons, eventlog, UAC, etc).

  •    Javascript

A number of issues that have been lingering since 2015 have finally been resolved, including .NET 4+ support.The number of issues between this project and it's sister projects (node-mac & node-linux) are accruing at a rate that deserves more attention than I can provide on my own. I'm actively looking for maintainers to help run this project. Please get in touch via gitter if you're interested.

wallpaper - Get or set the desktop wallpaper

  •    Javascript

Works on macOS, Linux, and Windows.Returns a promise for the path of the current desktop wallpaper.

node-resque - It's Resque... For node! Background jobs using redis.

  •    Javascript

new queue requires only the "queue" variable to be set. You can also pass the jobs hash to it.The configuration hash passed to new NodeResque.Worker, new NodeResque.Scheduler or new NodeResque.Queue can also take a connection option.

peaches - 简单、自然的书写样式

  •    Javascript


node-background-task - Run Node.js tasks on multiple instances.

  •    Javascript

Distributed task execution framework for node, backed by redis. v2 of NBT has switched from using the node_redis module to using ioredis. The host, password, and port keys in the options object that is used when initializing a client/server are deprecated. Use redisOptions instead.

VidBG - VidBG is a 0.3kb micro-library for embedding video backgrounds into web pages.

  •    Javascript

VidBG is a 0.3kb micro-library for embedding video backgrounds into web pages. This repository was scaffolded with generator-microjs.

postcss-retina-bg-img - Automatically add retina background images

  •    Javascript

The idea of this plugin is to detect any background images in your CSS and, if a retina version of the same file is found, to automatically add that file within a retina-appropriate media query. The possible retina suffixes to find a retina image with. For example, if the background image is foo.png, and you've specified @2x as the retinaSuffix, then the file foo@2x.png would be used as the retina version. Note that the retina media query is only added if the file actually exists; if you don't have a foo@2x.png then this plugin won't change a thing.

postcss-image-set-function - Use image-set() in CSS

  •    CSS

PostCSS image-set() Function lets you display resolution-dependent images using the image-set() function in CSS, following the CSS Images specification.

daemonize-process - Daemonize the current Node.js process

  •    Javascript

By default the standard streams of the child are ignored (e.g. attached to /dev/null or equivalent). If you need these streams, adjust the stdio option.

limited-request-queue - Interactively manage concurrency for outbound requests.

  •    Javascript

Interactively manage concurrency for outbound requests. Note: for use in a web browser, you will likely need an ES2015/ES6 transpiler for maximum coverage.