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vidage - Your solution to full-screen background video & image combined.

  •    Javascript

This JS module will treat video as a background. It will determine when to hide/show & pause/play the video. Touch devices and/or smaller devices with width of 34em will display image provided as fallback. Preferred way...

background-cover - Simulate 'background-size: cover' on HTMLVideoElement and HTMLImageElement

  •    Javascript

Simulate 'background-size: cover' on HTMLVideoElement and HTMLImageElement.Check out tests for more examples.

SwiftVideoBackground - 📹 Framework to Play a Video in the Background of any UIView

  •    Swift

SwiftVideoBackground is an easy to use Swift framework that provides the ability to play a video on any UIView. This provides a beautiful UI for login screens, or splash pages, as implemented by Spotify and many others. See the quick migration guide.

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