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Hangfire - An easy way to perform background job processing in your

  •    CSharp

Incredibly easy way to perform fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring jobs inside ASP.NET applications. CPU and I/O intensive, long-running and short-running jobs are supported. No Windows Service / Task Scheduler required. Backed by Redis, SQL Server, SQL Azure and MSMQ.Hangfire is a .NET Framework alternative to Resque, Sidekiq, delayed_job, Celery.

django-rq - A simple app that provides django integration for RQ (Redis Queue)

  •    Python

Django integration with RQ, a Redis based Python queuing library. Django-RQ is a simple app that allows you to configure your queues in django's settings.py and easily use them in your project. With this setting, job decorator will set result_ttl to 5000 unless it's specified explicitly.

android-job - Android library to handle jobs in the background.

  •    Java

A utility library for Android to run jobs delayed in the background. Depending on the Android version either the JobScheduler, GcmNetworkManager or AlarmManager is getting used. You can find out in this blog post or in these slides why you should prefer this library than each separate API. All features from Android Oreo are backward compatible back to Ice Cream Sandwich. Starting with version 1.3.0 the library will use the WorkManager internally, please read the documentation and opt-in.

background - Runs things in the background.

  •    Python

This module makes it stupidly simple to run things in the background of your application, be it a CLI app, or a web app.

node-celery - Celery client for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Note: When using AMQP as result backend with celery prior to version 3.1.7 the result queue needs to be non durable or it will fail with a: Queue.declare: (406) PRECONDITION_FAILED. For RabbitMQ backends, the entire broker options can be passed as an object that is handed off to AMQP. This allows you to specify parameters such as SSL keyfiles, vhost, and connection timeout among others.

react-native-background-job - Schedule background jobs in React Native that run your JavaScript when your app is in the background/killed

  •    Java

Schedule background jobs that run your JavaScript when your app is in the background or if you feel brave even in foreground. The jobs will run even if the app has been closed and, by default, also persists over restarts.

coravel - .Net Core Framework For Indie Developers

  •    CSharp

Coravel is a near-zero config .NET Core framework for Indie developers needing to get their next groundbreaking app to market faster - without compromising code quality and elegance. Coravel is a .NET Standard library designed for .NET Core apps. You must be including Coravel into either an existing .NET Core application (version 2.1.0+) or within another .NET Standard project(s).

que - Simple Job Processing in Elixir with Mnesia :zap:

  •    Elixir

Que is a job processing library backed by Mnesia, a distributed real-time database that comes with Erlang / Elixir. That means it doesn't depend on any external services like Redis for persisting job state. This makes it really easy to use since you don't need to install anything other than Que itself. See the Documentation.

Xamarin-CrossDownloadManager - A cross platform download manager for Xamarin

  •    CSharp

The CrossDownloadManager is a plugin that helps you downloading files in the background. Add the nuget package to your cross-platform project and to every platform specific project. Now, you have to initialize the service for every platform. You also need to write some logic, which determines where the file will be saved.

daemonizable-command - Daemonizable (endless running) commands for Symfony.

  •    PHP

A small bundle to create endless running commands with Symfony. These endless running commands are very easy to daemonize with something like Upstart or systemd.

mosquito - A generic background task runner framework for crystal applications supporting periodic (CRON) and manually queued jobs

  •    Crystal

Mosquito is a generic background job runner written specifically for Crystal. Significant inspiration from my experience with the successes and failings of the Ruby gem Sidekiq. Sufficient working beta. No functionality is tested, but it all seems to be working in manual tests. Use in a production environment at your own risk, and please open issues and feature requests.

django-q-email - Queues the sending of email with Django Q

  •    Python

django-q-email is a reusable Django app for queuing the sending of email with Django Q. Then send email in the normal way, as per the Django email docs, and they will be sent in a background task. See Django Q for more info.

mongodb-cron - MongoDB collection as crontab

  •    TypeScript

This package offers a simple API for scheduling tasks and running recurring jobs on MongoDB collections. Any collection can be converted into a job queue or crontab list. It uses the officially supported Node.js driver for MongoDB. It's fast, minimizes processing overhead and it uses atomic commands to ensure safe job executions even in cluster environments. This is a light weight open source package for NodeJS written with TypeScript. It's actively maintained, well tested and already used in production environments. The source code is available on GitHub where you can also find our issue tracker.


  •    Emacs

This package provides logic for async process execution. bpr is very handy for running tests/builds, but you can run any processes with it.


  •    CSharp

Run background jobs (one-off, or scheduled) on a worker pool easily. Inspired by celery for python, this is a distributed job runner for .NET Standard 2.0 Applications. Currently only tested using .NET Core 2.0.

blezer - :confetti_ball: :battery: Simple background job/task processing queue for Node

  •    Javascript

Blezer is a simple background job/task processing queue for Node.js (>= 7.6) using cluster & separate Node processes, powered by Redis. Each job triggers an execution of a Task i.e. a recipe what to do for that job. It is defined as a class with perform method. Task corresponds to Worker from similar projects such as resque or sidekiq. It is named this way to avoid the clash with cluster workers.

gen_queue - Generic queues with adapter support for Elixir

  •    Elixir

GenQueue is a specification for queues. See HexDocs for additional documentation.

Cake-Resque - Resque plugin for CakePHP : for creating background jobs that can be processed offline later

  •    PHP

CakeResque is a CakePHP plugin for Resque, a library for creating background jobs that can be processed offline later. Resque (pronounced like "rescue") is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later.

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