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jeelizFaceFilter - Javascript/WebGL lightweight face tracking library designed for augmented reality webcam filters

  •    Javascript

This JavaScript library detects and tracks the face in real time from the webcam video feed captured with WebRTC. Then it is possible to overlay 3D content for augmented reality applications. We provide various demonstrations using main WebGL 3D engines. We have included in this repository the release versions of the 3D engines to work with a determined version (they are in /libs/<name of the engine>/). This library is lightweight and it does not include any 3D engine or third party library. We want to keep it framework agnostic so the outputs of the library are raw: if the a face is detected or not, the position and the scale of the detected face and the rotation Euler angles. But thanks to the featured helpers, examples and boilerplates, you can quickly deal with a higher level context (for motion head tracking, for face filter or face replacement...). We continuously add new demontrations, so stay tuned ! Also, feel free to open an issue if you have any question or suggestion.

detect-gpu - Classifies GPUs based on their 3D rendering benchmark score allowing the developer to provide sensible default settings for graphically intensive applications

  •    TypeScript

Classifies GPUs based on their 3D rendering benchmark score allowing the developer to provide sensible default settings for graphically intensive applications. Think of it like a user-agent detection for the GPU but more powerful. By default we use the UNPKG CDN to host the benchmark data. If you would like to serve the benchmark data yourself download the required benchmarking data from benchmarks.tar.gz and serve it from a public directory.

Website - Main babylon.js website

  •    Javascript

www.babylonjs.com site."License" shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction, and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.

babylonjs-multiplayer-boilerplate - BabylonJS + Colyseus: Multiplayer Boilerpate

  •    TypeScript

This is a project setup to use BabylonJS 3.x with Colyseus 0.9.x. Check out this repository.

BabylonHx - Port of Babylon.js 3D engine to Haxe.

  •    Haxe

BabylonHx is a direct port of BabylonJs engine to Haxe. Visit http://babylonhx.com/ for more info about the engine.

ng-babylon-template - This is a basic template project to start with Angular 12.x and BabylonJS

  •    TypeScript

The project is setup to use global SCSS only and ViewEncapsulation.None. Feel free to do anything you want with this template.


  •    CSharp

This project generates a C# Blazor Interop proxy using a TypeScript definition file. The generated project can be used with Blazor Wasm/Server to interface with JavaScript from C#, this gives most JavaScript libraries an easy to use interface from C#. It uses the JSRuntime to interop directly with the underlying JavaScript from C#, this is done with a custom interop abstraction.

exokit-web - Exokit WebXR engine for the browser

  •    Javascript

Exokit Web is a Javascript library for composing multiple WebXR applications in a regular web page. It works in all web browsers, VR and AR headsets, with no dependencies. See index.html for a full example.

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