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babel-plugin-macros - 🎣 Enables zero-config, importable babel plugins

  •    Javascript

Check out this guest post on the Babel.js blog for a complete write up on the problem, motivation, and solution.Currently, each babel plugin in the babel ecosystem requires that you configure it individually. This is fine for things like language features, but can be frustrating overhead for libraries that allow for compile-time code transformation as an optimization.

preval.macro - Pre-evaluate code at build-time with babel-macros

  •    Javascript

This is a babel-macros macro for babel-plugin-preval.Please see those projects for more information.

graphql-tag.macro - Babel Macro for graphql-tag

  •    Javascript

Babel Macro for the graphql-tag library. It inlines the result of parsing the GraphQL queries with graphql-tag.

raw.macro - Read file contents at build time via babel-plugin-macros, similar to webpack raw-loader

  •    Javascript

I came across a few problem when using raw-loader in create-react-app. This can also be useful in environment where webpack is not available / not extensible. Just use babel and you're good to go.


  •    Javascript

This is a babel-plugin-macros macro for babel-plugin-codegen. Please see those projects for more information.

babel-blade - a Babel plugin/macro that solves the Double Declaration problem in GraphQL

  •    HTML

babel-blade is the collective name for the babel plugin/macro that helps to generate graphql query strings inline and solves the double declaration problem.

idx.macro - a 'babel-macros' version of 'babel-plugin-idx'

  •    Javascript

This is a babel-macros version of the babel plugin idx. idx is a utility function for traversing properties on objects and arrays.

ms.macro - Convert various time formats to milliseconds at build time in Babel.

  •    Javascript

Convert various time formats to milliseconds at build time in Babel. Simply install and configure babel-plugin-macros and then use ms.macro the same way you use ms.


  •    Javascript

param.macro provides two main symbols — it and _. it can be used in an expression passed to a function which implicitly creates a lambda function in place accepting a single argument.


  •    Javascript

Credit to the original plugin. Ensure you have babel-plugin-macros installed within your project.