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aws-mfa - Manage AWS MFA Security Credentials

  •    Python

aws-mfa makes it easy to manage your AWS SDK Security Credentials when Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enforced on your AWS account. It automates the process of obtaining temporary credentials from the AWS Security Token Service and updating your AWS Credentials file (located at ~/.aws/credentials). Traditional methods of managing MFA-based credentials requires users to write their own bespoke scripts/wrappers to fetch temporary credentials from STS and often times manually update their AWS credentials file. short-term - A temporary set of credentials that are generated by AWS STS using your long-term credentials in combination with your MFA device serial number (either a hardware device serial number or virtual device ARN) and one time token code. Your short term credentials are the credentials that are actively utilized by the AWS SDK in use.

mfaws - :lock: AWS multi-factor authentication for the CLI

  •    Go

Download the appropriate binary from the releases page, chmod +x, and drop it into your PATH. Note: Make sure your hardware clock is correct! Especially if dual booting. If your time is out of sync, your MFA attempts will fail and the codes oathtool generates will be wrong (if you use it).

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