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workflow-manager - Minimal Workflow orchestrator for AWS Step Functions

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Orchestrator for AWS Step Functions. AWS Step Functions (SFN) is a service for running state machines as defined by the States Language Spec.

aws-step-functions-long-lived-transactions - Deal with the complexities of dealing with a long lived transaction across distributed components in your microservices architecture using AWS Step Functions

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AWS Step Functions is a fully managed Serverless workflow management service for managing long running processes and coordinating the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. But did you know it can also help you deal with the complexities of dealing with a long lived transaction across distributed components in your microservices architecture? In this Builder session, you will learn how AWS Step Function can help us implement the Saga design pattern. When building cloud-based distributed architectures, one of the questions we need to ask ourselves is how do we maintain data consistency across microservices that have their own database / persistence mechanism? We do not have support for Distributed Transaction Coordinators (DTC) or two-phase commit protocols responsible for coordinating transactions across multiple cloud resources. We need a mechanism coordinate multiple local transactions.

coworks - CoWorks is a unified compositional serverless microservices framework over AWS technologies

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Coworks is an unified compositional microservices framework over AWS technologies and based on the Chalice microframework. The aim of this project, is to offer a very simplified experience of microservices over the Lambda product of AWS and mainly to extends their usage over the asynchronous and orchestration topics. Each atomic microservice (Tech Microservice) is a simple python class deployed as serverless Lambda and can be called synchronously or asynchronously.

Trapheus - This tool automates restoration of RDS database instances from snapshots into any dev, staging or production environments

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Restore RDS instances in AWS without worrying about client downtime or configuration retention. Trapheus can restore individual RDS instance or a RDS cluster. Modelled as a state machine, with the help of AWS step functions, Trapheus restores the RDS instance in a much faster way than the usual SQL dump preserving the same instance endpoint and confgurations as before. python3.7 installed on local machine following this.

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