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awesome-cl - A curated list of awesome Common Lisp frameworks, libraries and other shiny stuff.

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A curated list of awesome Common Lisp libraries. For awesome software, see lisp-lang.org's success stories and the awesome-cl-software list.

awesome-c - Continuing the development of awesome-c list on GitHub


A curated list of C good stuff. This list contains only free software for code, and sellers who aren't evil for physical resources. LOOKING FOR MAINTAINERS: This list is currently pretty much inactive. I'm looking for maintainers that can make it great again. See #26 for more info, but the process is simple: add or fix a couple of things in this list and you'll become a contributor to a 850+ stars list.

awesome-layers - λ A curated list of awesome AWS Lambda Layers.


Lambda Layers are a new type of artifact that can contain arbitrary code and data, and may be referenced by zero, one, or more functions at the same time. Lambda functions in a serverless application typically share common dependencies such as SDKs, frameworks, and now runtimes. With layers, you can centrally manage common components across multiple functions enabling better code reuse.

awesome-ninja-admins - :dizzy: A collection of awesome lists, manuals, blogs, hacks, one-liners and tools for Awesome Ninja Admins


This list is a collection of various materials that I use every day in my work. It contain a lot of useful information gathered in one piece. It is intended for everyone and anyone who is or wants to become a Ninja Admin (and not only). This is not a final and full version - I update it on an ongoing basis.

Centurion - Centurion is a web-based framework for rapid prototyping and building larger web projects

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Centurion is a responsive framework built for speed, simplicity, and flexibility. Originally based loosely on the 960 grid built by Nathan Smith, Centurion boasted a responsive grid system that would help alleviate the headache of building responsive designs. Like all web projects it grew and started to capitalize on several different areas like: typography, buttons, tables, and more in order to create a seamless framework that could allow web developers to start up a new project easily without the need to override every little piece. If you're concerned about browser support then we recommend either html5shiv or Modernizr to your web site or project to help support CSS3 and HTML5.

awesome-wordpress-developer-tips - Curated list that contain code, snippets or examples without libraries or external packages for developers


Curated list that contain very awesome and ready code, snippets or examples without libraries or external packages made it for developers. This list is born from a real workflow in my development in WordPress, sometimes you don't need or not exist a library that do a specific stuff very well with a real case to study. When i need something like that I search for other plugins that do that stuff to study and replicate, better if possible. For that reason I remember many plugins what they do and I search for recreate the same UX/UI. This list infact contain reference to plugins or docs but not to tutorials. In this way is possible see in action, also the workaround used, and more important a case study. In few words this is a list for skilled WordPress developers that want a simple way to found specific code (in the mainly case how use a specific hook).

vl - :link: A URL status checker CLI.

  •    Python

I don't know! Currently i am using to check for bad links on my magictools README file. I hope it can serve for many purposes in the future.

font-awesome-search - Font Awesome - Icon Search Tool

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This is a tool for making it easier to find the icons you are looking for and quickly copy the code you need. Search: Looks for text in any icon and possible aliases. Example: searching for "empty" ( without quotes ) will find you everything containing that word. Another Example: "yen" will return icon-jpy even through its not the icons name.

awesome-arcgis - 📄 Awesome resource list for ArcGIS Developers -> could you help us with a Star? ⭐

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Please feel free to help us to improve this page. No matter your background or your favourite technology, we have putted together many links to help you find tools, code samples, training, and help you get started with ArcGIS.