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mon - mon(1) - Simple single-process process monitoring program written in C

  •    C

Super-simple monitoring program.mon spawned from the needlessly complex frustration that tools like monit provide, with their awkward DSLs and setup. mon is written in C, uses less than 400kb of memory, and is incredibly simple to set up.

namae - ☕️ Grab a slick name for your new project.

  •    TypeScript

name new project. namae saves your time searching around registries and checking if the desired name is ready for use.

Service Monitors - A services health monitoring tool


The idea behind this project is simple, I want to know when a service related to my application is not available. Our first intent to get a tool to generete the necessary data to be compliant with the Availability SLA of our systems.

Node-Circuit-Breaker - A Node.js implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern.

  •    Javascript

This is a Node.js implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern as popularized in Michael T. Nygard's book - Release It!. The Circuit Breaker is intended to proxy the consumption of upstream resources such that failures in the upstream resource propagate to the current system in a predictable manner. To be clear, the Circuit Breaker doesn't prevent failures; rather, it helps your application manage failures proactively, failing fast and / or providing fallback values when applicable. The Circuit Breaker proxies the consumption of upstream resources; but, it does not have intimate knowledge of the upstream resource. As such, the scope of the Circuit Breaker can be as course or as granular as you think is appropriate. For example, you can have one Circuit Breaker that represents an entire upstream resource. Or, you can create an individual Circuit Breaker for each method in an upstream resource. The more granular your Circuit Breakers, the less likely you are to get false positives.

sixnines - Website Availability Monitor

  •    Ruby

sixnines.io is a hosted service to validate and prove availability of your web service and sites. Read this blog post for more details: SixNines.io, Your Website Availability Monitor. Here, the style parameter can be either round or flat. The format parameter can be either svg (106x20) or png (424x80).

harmony - Availability management backend and API for Sharetribe marketplaces

  •    Clojure

Availability management backend and API for Sharetribe marketplaces. For more information about Sharetribe marketplaces and the core marketplace functionalities, see the main Sharetribe repository.

node-sscheduler - Resource Scheduling Engine

  •    TypeScript

sscheduler can also intersect the availability of multiple resources in order to find the time slots at which all the resources are available.

nativescript-appavailability - :mag_right: NativeScript plugin to check whether or not another app is installed on the device

  •    Javascript

A plugin to check for availability of other apps on the device. Note that version 1.3.0 added a synchronous version of this method that doesn't return a Promise. Need that? Use availableSync instead of available.

cloud-design-patterns - Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for Cloud Applications

  •    CSharp

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.

tcp-ping - TCP ping utility for node.js

  •    Javascript

TCP ping utility for node.js. You can test if chosen address accepts connections at desired port and find out your latency. Great for service availability testing. callback should be a function with arguments in node convention - function(err, data).

telecheck - Simple CLI Tool For Generating Available Telegram Usernames

  •    Python

Just fill an issue and describe it. I'll check it ASAP! or send an email to sepand@qpage.ir. Remember to write a few tests for your code before sending pull requests.

available - Domain availability checking for Golang

  •    Go

My cheap way of checking whether a domain is available to be purchased or not (powered by whois). This package might not be able to check the available for every possible domain TLD, since whois does not work with some TLDs. In the future, I might include options to call different APIs (Gandi API, Domainr, etc.).

PyFunceble - The tool to check the availability of domains, IPv4 or URL.

  •    Python

PyFunceble is the little sister of Funceble which was archived on 13th March, 2018. Its main objective is to get and the return domains and IPs availability by generating an accurate result based on results from WHOIS, NSLOOKUP and HTTP status codes.

is-available - CLI for checking domain availability

  •    Javascript

To use this, you must specify your Mashape API key in index.js. Find all instances of {your-mashape-key}. CLI for checking domain availability through the Domainr API.

aws-regions - AWS Regions and Availability Zones

  •    Javascript

1To ensure that resources are distributed across the Availability Zones for these regions, they may differ for each AWS account. You can run aws ec2 describe-availability-zones --region $REGION to be sure which ones are available to you. 2The US GovCloud region is only available to official U.S. government agencies and organizations. 3The China regions are only available to AWS in China accounts. 4Only available in the local region *New accounts cannot access this region. Returns all the regions in a list format.

is-available - CLI for checking domain availability

  •    Javascript

To use this, you must specify your Mashape API key in index.js. Find all instances of {your-mashape-key}. CLI for checking domain availability through the Domainr API.

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