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danger - 🚫 Stop saying "you forgot to …" in code review

  •    Ruby

Formalize your Pull Request etiquette. Danger runs after your CI, automating your team's conventions surrounding code review.

dockertest - Write better integration tests! Dockertest helps you boot up ephermal docker images for your Go tests with minimal work

  •    Go

When developing applications, it is often necessary to use services that talk to a database system. Unit Testing these services can be cumbersome because mocking database/DBAL is strenuous. Making slight changes to the schema implies rewriting at least some, if not all of the mocks. The same goes for API changes in the DBAL. To avoid this, it is smarter to test these specific services against a real database that is destroyed after testing. Docker is the perfect system for running unit tests as you can spin up containers in a few seconds and kill them when the test completes. The Dockertest library provides easy to use commands for spinning up Docker containers and using them for your tests.Using Dockertest is straightforward and simple. Check the releases tab for available releases.

blt - Acquia's toolset for automating Drupal 8 development, testing, and deployment.

  •    PHP

BLT (Build and Launch Tool) provides an automation layer for testing, building, and launching Drupal 8 applications. See INSTALL.md for a list of prequisites and links to instructions for creating new projects, adding BLT to existing projects, and updating BLT.



Automaton is a Continuous Integration engine optimized for Team System and Team Builds. Included is the TeamFoundationExtensions class library which includes helpers and tasks for TFS and MSBuild. THIS PROJECT IS CLOSED, CI FEATURES WAS ADDED TO TFS 2008 AND IMPROVED IN 2010.

gitarro - run all your test against a github Pull request

  •    Ruby

It can run on any system that is able to use ruby and octokit. See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

danger-todoist - Danger plugin to look for todo/fixme comments in pull requests

  •    Ruby

danger-todoist is a https://danger.systems plugin to automatically notify you of todos left in the code of a pull/merge request. Add gem 'danger-todoist' to your Gemfile and start using todoist in your Dangerfile.

pipeline - Node-based automation server

  •    Go

Linux and macOS are supported, for windows you can use docker. Note: this release is non-production ready.

helm-local-chart-version - Bump Helm Chart version on local filesystem (inspired by https://github

  •    Go

This is a Helm plugin that helps you manipulate your chart version. It is meant to be used in integration pipelines. Pick a release tarball from the releases page.