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raspberry-pi-dramble - Drupal HA/HP Cluster using Raspberry Pis

  •    Python

A cluster (Bramble) of Raspberry Pis on which Drupal will be deployed using Ansible. Read the rest of this README and the official Dramble Wiki for more information about the Dramble.

ansible-st2 - Ansible Roles and Playbooks to deploy StackStorm

  •    Ruby

Ansible playbooks to deploy StackStorm.StackStorm is event-driven automation platform written in Python. With over 50+ integrations like GitHub, Docker, Nagios, NewRelic, AWS, Ansible it allows you to wire together your existing infrastructure into complex Workflows with auto-remediation and many more. Aka IFTTT orchestration for Ops.

Rocket.Chat.Ansible - Deploy Rocket.Chat with Ansible!

  •    Ruby

Optional full stack deployment: Fully deploy Rocket.Chat, including MongoDB & an Nginx reverse SSL proxy. Or, deploy Rocket.Chat and integrate with your existing MongoDB and/or Nginx instances/deployment methods. Please be sure you've read the FAQ and all documentation before raising an issue.

lastpass-ansible - Unlock Ansible Vault with LastPass

  •    Ruby

Script lastpass-ansible in this project will let you unlock Ansible Vault with the password stored in LastPass. This means you'll be able to run ansible-playbook and ansible-vault commands without being prompted for the password: it'll be taken from LastPass automatically. You can keep your Ansible Vault passwords along with your other secrets in LastPass, and not worry about forgetting your passwords. You should also use LastPass's strong password generator for your Ansible Vault password.

oci-ansible-modules - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Ansible Modules provide an easy way to create and provision resources and Services in OCI (such as Compute, Storage, Network, IAM, Load Balancing, Database, and other OCI services) through Ansible

  •    Python

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ansible Modules provide an easy way to create and provision resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through Ansible. These modules allow you to author Ansible playbooks that help you automate the provisioning and configuring of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and resources, such as Compute, Load Balancing, Database, and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. The OCI Ansible modules are built using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Python SDK. The OCI Ansible modules honour the SDK configuration when available.

Dell-EMC-Ansible-Modules-for-iDRAC - Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules for iDRAC

  •    Python

Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules allows Data Center and IT administrators to use RedHat Ansible to automate and orchestrate the configuration, deployment, and update of Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers (12th generation of PowerEdge servers and later) by leveraging the management automation capabilities in-built into the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC). Sample Results for the respective modules could be found under samples directory.

ansible-for-kubernetes - Ansible for Kubernetes Book - Examples Repository

  •    Go

This repository contains Ansible and Kubernetes examples developed to support different sections of Ansible for Kubernetes by Jeff Geerling. Not all playbooks follow all of Ansible and Kubernetes' best practices, as they illustrate particular features in an instructive manner.

ansible - Course code, script and tons of really-cool-YAML-that-builds-servers for our "Ansible for Automation" tutorial

  •    PHP

Well hi there! This repository holds the code and script for the Ansible for Automation! course on KnpUniversity. Next, look at the configuration and make any adjustments you need (like database_password).