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WALKOFF - A flexible, easy to use, automation framework allowing users to integrate their capabilities and devices to cut through the repetitive, tedious tasks slowing them down

  •    Python

This documentation is intended as a reference for app and workflow developers as well as project contributors and operators. Here you will find walkthroughs, tutorials and other useful information about applications that are shipped with Walkoff, our changelog, and how to interact with Walkoff using its RESTful API. Note: If you have multiple NICs you will need to use --advertise-addr to pick an address from which the swarm will be accessible.

runbook - A framework for gradual system automation

  •    Ruby

See our blog post for the philosophy behind Runbook and an overview of its features. Runbook provides a DSL for specifying a series of steps to execute an operation. Once your runbook is specified, you can use it to generate a formatted representation of the book or to execute the runbook interactively. For example, you can export your runbook to markdown or use the same runbook to execute commands on remote servers.

CUITe (Coded UI Test enhanced) Framework


CUITe (Coded UI Test enhanced) Framework is a thin layer developed on top of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Test's Coded UI Test engine which helps reduce code, increases readability and maintainability, while also providing a bunch of cool features for the automation engineer.

kheera-testrunner-android - BDD Framework for Android

  •    Java

Kheera is a BDD Framework, especially design for Android application development workflows. It's designed to be fast, small and completely compatible with Android Test Kit, Espresso 3, UIAutomator etc. Android Test Support Library: Builds on top of the newest Android Test Support Library and AndroidJUnitRunner. Kheera tests will run alongside existing Instrumentation, Espresso or JUnit based tests in your solution. You can gradually rewrite tests in BDD as you go.

tv-automation-server-core - Sofie: The Modern TV News Studio Automation System (Server Core)

  •    TypeScript

This is the core application of the Sofie TV News Studio Automation System. In order for the system to work properly, it may be neccessary to set up several system properties. These can be set through environement variables - if not present, default values will be used.

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