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  •    Javascript

Stately.js is a JavaScript based finite-state machine (FSM) engine for Node.js and the browser. Both will return a new stateMachine object, with all events from all states attached to it. The machine will transition into the initial state initialStateName or the first attached stateObject if initialStateName is omitted. In addition to the events the stateMachine object has a getMachineState() method, returning the current name of the machines state, getMachineEvents(), returning possible events in the current state.

OpenFst Library for constructing weighted finite-state transducer

  •    C++

OpenFst is a library for constructing, combining, optimizing, and searching weighted finite-state transducers (FSTs). Weighted finite-state transducers are automata where each transition has an input label, an output label, and a weight. FSTs have key applications in speech recognition and synthesis, machine translation, optical character recognition, pattern matching, string processing, machine learning, information extraction and retrieval among others.

terra - :space_invader: JS library for simple biological simulations and cellular automata

  •    Javascript

JS library for cellular automata and simple biological simulations. Documentation and examples live here. To build terra on your machine you'll need Node.js, Bower, and gulp installed. Then...

cave-automata-2d - Generate 2D cave layouts in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

Generate 2D cave layouts in JavaScript: an implementation of the first half of this paper using ndarrays.Note that this function will modify the array directly.

noam - JavaScript library for working with automata and grammars for regular and context-free languages

  •    Javascript

Noam is a JavaScript library for working with automata and formal grammars for regular and context-free languages. Noam's name comes from Noam Chomsky and his hierarchy of formal languages and grammars.

libfa - C automata library to build, determinize, minimize, translate regexp etc

  •    C

See faexample.c for full example. Minimal --min DFA --det that can match regular expression ^[df]{2}a+$ and ^(dfa)*$ and know which one was matched. First --in has priority.

Automata.js - A regular expression converter

  •    Javascript

Automata.js is a regular expression converter written in JS for both Node.js and browser. It aims to convert regular expression to finite state machine(FSM, like NFA). Besides, dot script transition is provided so that you can make diagrams with Graphiz.

automata - A Python library for simulating finite automata and Turing machines

  •    Python

Automata is a Python 3 library which implements the structures and algorithms I am learning in my Automata Theory class, particularly finite automata and Turing machines. Automata requires Python 3.4 or newer.

regex-automata - A low level regular expression library that uses deterministic finite automata.

  •    Rust

A low level regular expression library that uses deterministic finite automata. It supports a rich syntax with Unicode support, has extensive options for configuring the best space vs time trade off for your use case and provides support for cheap deserialization of automata for use in no_std environments. Dual-licensed under MIT or the UNLICENSE.

nanostate - 🚦- Small Finite State Machines

  •    Javascript

Small Finite State Machines. Great data structure to make code more readable, maintainable and easier to debug. Let's implement a traffic light that flashes red whenever there's a power outage. Instead of adding a powerOutage event to each normal state, we introduce a hierarchy which allows any normal state to emit the powerOutage event to change the state to flashingRed.

php_aho_corasick - Aho-Corasick string search algorithm PHP extension implementation.

  •    C

PHP extension implementing Aho-Corasick pattern matching algorithm (more on wiki). Is especially effective if there is a large database of needles (=strings to be searched, for example virus signatures). Another advantage is that built search structure is initialized before search in separate call thus it can be called more times with different haystack, saving time.

ca - A program for generating cellular automata.

  •    Go

A program for generating cellular automata. See the go generate commands in example.go.

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