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  •    Javascript

Because I had so much trouble finding a good auto-linking implementation out in the wild, I decided to roll my own. It seemed that everything I found out there was either an implementation that didn't cover every case, or was just limited in one way or another.


  •    JQuery

Automatically creates links for URLs, email addresses, @-mentions, and hashtags in embedded tweets.

autolink.js - Auto-link url and images, email, video, music, <br/> in text.

  •    Javascript

Auto-link url and images, email, video, music, <br/> in text.Feel free to send a PR for supporting more embed-able links.

linkify-it - Links recognition library with full unicode support

  •    Javascript

Links recognition library with FULL unicode support. Focused on high quality link patterns detection in plain text.Browserification is also supported.

autolink-java - Java library to extract links (URLs, email addresses) from plain text; fast, small and smart

  •    Java

Java library to extract links (URLs, email addresses) from plain text; fast, small and smart about recognizing where links end

autolink.cr - :link: Auto link for Crystal

  •    Crystal

Autolink.cr is a Crystal shard that automatically turns URLs into links. Without providing any HTML options autolink.cr will just wrap the URL with <a> tag.

php-autolink - A library to auto convert URL to link.

  •    PHP

A library to auto convert URLs to links. Add this to composer.json require block.

react-native-autolink - Automatic linking of URLs, phone numbers, emails, handles, etc

  •    Javascript

Any other props will be passed through to the main Text node (e.g. style, numberOfLines).

commonmark-ext-autolink - Extension for league/commonmark which autolinks URLs, emails, and @-mentions

  •    PHP

This extension has been deprecated. All of its functionality now exists in league/commonmark 1.3+ under the League\CommonMark\Extension\Autolink namespace, so you should upgrade to that version and use that bundled extension instead of this one. This extension adds GFM-style autolinking to the league/commonmark Markdown parser for PHP. It automatically link URLs and email addresses even when the CommonMark <...> autolink syntax is not used.

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