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BonMot - Beautiful, easy attributed strings in Swift

  •    Swift

BonMot (pronounced Bon Mo, French for good word) is a Swift attributed string library. It abstracts away the complexities of the iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS typography tools, freeing you to focus on making your text beautiful. To run the example project, run pod try BonMot, or clone the repo, open BonMot.xcodeproj, and run the Example-iOS target.

EasyPeasy - Auto Layout made easy

  •    Swift

In this quick tour through EasyPeasy we assume that you already know the advantages and disadvantages of the different Auto Layout APIs and therefore you won't see here a comparison of the code side by side, just read and decide whether EasyPeasy is for you or not. The example below is quite simple but shows how effortless its implementation result using EasyPeasy.


  •    Javascript

AutoLayout.js implements Apple's Auto Layout and Visual Format Language in Javascript. Auto layout is a system which lets you perform lay out using mathematical relationships (constraints). It uses the awesome Cassowary.js library to do the actual constraint resolving and implements Apple's constraint system and Visual Format Language (vfl) on top of that. It supports the Extended VFL syntax, including view-stacks and z-indexing. AutoLayout.js is an abstract library for integrating Auto Layout and VFL into other javascript technologies. It provides a simple API and programming model that you can use to build your own auto layout and VFL solution. A simple example of this is, is using position: absolute; to lay out DOM elements. A more elobarate example of this is the Visual Format Editor, which is built using famo.us and famous-flex. AutoLayout.js is written in ES6 and contains transpiled distribution files.

iCard - Bank Card Generator with Swift using SnapKit DSL 💳

  •    Swift

And if you create an iCreditCard with has a unique background image , you can easily use this init function. You must send UIImage to init otherwise if withCardImage is nil , it will have simple backgroundColor.

SuperLayout - SuperLayout is a Swift library that makes using Auto Layout a breeze.

  •    Swift

SuperLayout is a library that adds a few custom operators to Swift that makes using the amazing NSLayoutAnchor API for Auto Layout a breeze. SuperLayout doesn't override already-defined methods in Equatable (such as == and >=), and defines ones that are logical and easily understandable to anyone who might be inheriting your codebase or joining your team. SuperLayout defines three custom operators: ~~, ≥≥, and ≤≤ that correspond to equalTo, ≥ to greaterThanOrEqualTo, and ≤ to lessThanOrEqualTo, respectively.