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xoreos - A reimplementation of BioWare's Aurora engine (and derivatives). Pre-pre-alpha :P

xoreos is an open source implementation of BioWare's Aurora engine and its derivatives, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (or later). The goal is to have all games using this engines working in a portable manner, starting from Neverwinter Nights and ending with Dragon Age II.Currently, the "foundation" work of managing resources, reading many basic file formats, displaying graphics and playing sounds has been done. All targeted games show partial ingame graphics, such as the area geometry and objects, letting you fly around in a "spectator mode". Some games show partial menus, and something resembling a starting point for a script system is there.

gorealis - Go library for communicating with Apache Aurora

Go library for interacting with Apache Aurora.Please see .auroraversion to see the latest Aurora version against which this library has been tested.

empujar - When you need to push data around, you push it. A node.js ETL tool.

When you need to push data around, you push it. Push it real good. An ETL and Operations tool.Empujar's top level object is a "book", which contains "chapters" and then "pages". Chapters are excecuted 1-by-1 in order, and then each page in a chapter can be run in parallel (up to a threading limit you specify).

aurora - Cross-platform Beanstalk queue server console.

aurora is a web-based Beanstalk queue server console written in Go and works on macOS, Linux and Windows machines. Main idea behind using Go for backend development is to utilize ability of the compiler to produce zero-dependency binaries for multiple platforms. aurora was created as an attempt to build very simple and portable application to work with local or remote Beanstalk server.Precompiled binaries for supported operating systems are available.

nanoleaves - CLI and api client for the Nanoleaf Aurora light panels.

Provide the IP address of your Aurora in the environment variable AURORA_HOST and your API access token in AURORA_TOKEN. If your AURORA is listening on an unusual port, use AURORA_PORT. To generate a token, hold the power key until the light starts flashing, then run nanoleaves token.

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