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Audit.NET - An extensible framework to audit executing operations in .NET and .NET Core.

  •    CSharp

An extensible framework to audit executing operations in .NET including support for .NET Framework ≥ 4.5 and NetCore ≥ 1.0 (NetStandard 1.3). Generate audit logs with evidence for reconstruction and examination of activities that have affected specific operations or procedures.

pg_audit_log - Create a trigger-based audit log for PostgreSQL

  •    Ruby

PostgreSQL-only database-level audit logging of all databases changes using a completely transparent stored procedure and triggers. Comes with specs for your project and a rake task to generate the reverse SQL to undo changes logged. All SQL INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs will be captured. Record columns that do not change do not generate an audit log entry.

audit-stash - Flexible and rock solid audit log tracking for CakePHP 3

  •    PHP

This plugin implements an "audit trail" for any of your Table classes in your application, that is, the ability of recording any creation, modification or delete of the entities of any particular table. By default, this plugin stores the audit logs into Elasticsearch, as we have found that it is a fantastic storage engine for append-only streams of data and provides really powerful features for finding changes in the historic data.

deflek - index and API RBAC for Elasticsearch and Kibana via reverse proxy

  •    Go

Reverse proxy that adds index-level RBAC to Elasticsearch. It currently requires fronting with a SSO authentication proxy (such as saml-proxy) to pass Username and Group headers for RBAC lookup. deflEK assumes these headers are trusted input. If that is not true for your use case, you MUST add your own authentication middleware, or else it will not work.

zenit - Zenit is a daemon collector for metrics and log parsers for [MySQL|Percona|MariaDB] Servers and ProxySQL

  •    Go

Zenit is a daemon collector for metrics and log parsers for dedicated host for MySQL/Percona/MariaDB Servers and ProxySQL. Maybe not requires many another agents for this purpose, but with this one you'll find an excellent tool for database administration. The name Zenit is inspired by a russian spy satellite.

laravel-auditable - Basic Auditable package for Eloquent Model.

  •    PHP

Laravel Auditable is a simple Laravel auditing package for your Eloquent Model. This package automatically inserts/updates an audit log on your table on who created and last updated the record. Update your model's migration and add created_by and updated_by field using the auditable() blueprint macro.

ecaudit - Ericsson Audit plug-in for Apache Cassandra

  •    Java

A Cassandra audit plug-in for connections attempts and data access with support for whitelisting.

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